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This space is intended to make it easy for Country Committee and Chapter leaders to share:

  • files that you created for your local group that might be useful to others
  • ideas for cooperative projects or resources
  • links to your news-blog articles on

The lack of structure is deliberate. Just dump stuff here!

Candidate profiles, 13 September 2018 from DA-Luxembourg: Candidates2018_lux.key (Apple Keynote format), also available as a PDF and with presenter notes as PDF – see the file list.

  File Modified
PDF File Candidates2018_lux.pdf 13-Sep-2018 by Will Bakker -LU, RVC
PDF File Candidates2018_luxNotes.pdf 13-Sep-2018 by Will Bakker -LU, RVC
File Candidates2018_lux.key 13-Sep-2018 by Will Bakker -LU, RVC

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