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NamePledged ToDesignate All Positions Sought:Country:Region:My candidate statement of 150 words or less is attached hereto.I Want to Stand for Election At:
Ada ShenHillary ClintonAll PositionsChinaAsia PacificIt is my honor to run for delegate to represent Hillary at the DNC this July. I vote in CA, but live in Beijing with my husband Emmanuel. I work in energy and climate city policy. I've been active with DA since 2008 and led GOTV and other election-related events, covered by the NYT and Chinese media. (No, we were not thrown in jail.) China has one of the highest voter registration rates in the region. I am proud to support Hillary because I know she brings experience, heart, and total command of the issues. She gets the complexity, and won't be dazzled by it. She is going to be a brilliant POTUS and I'm excited to work with fellow Americans this election to keep the WH and get a Congress that will DO THEIR JOBS. VOTE BLUE! Grandma Harris (USMC '43-'50), this one is for you.Both
Adam Josiah MarvelHillary ClintonAll PositionsUnited KingdomEMEAI am a committed young Democrat that embodies the goals of the party in an international context. I work with communities in Europe and Africa to take control of their energy future through unique ownership structures and innovative sustainable solutions. I also volunteer on the board of my local neighborhood association in east London - working to deliver community benefit to my neighbors through work with the police, local politicians, and community activists. I am constantly working to balance influence to deliver lasting local solutions, a position that means I am confident in addressing the needs of a big tent, like our party. Lastly, I am committed to the success of the party and would welcome serving either of our two great candidates in any needed position. Both
Alan BensonHillary ClintonAll PositionsGermanyEMEAI ran as a delegate candidate for Hillary Clinton already back in 2008 when the Democrats Abroad EMEA convention was held in Brussels.
I’ve been participating in or been in charge of voter registration here with Democrats Abroad in Berlin since the Federal election of 2004. And since last year, I’ve been the At-large Coordinator for GOTV of DA Germany. Various detailed reports can be found on my website in the Events section.
When DA Berlin held a presentation evening on the five Presidential candidates still running at the beginning of the year, I gladly presented Ms. Clinton and her agenda. Also, I’m a member of the Berlin4Hillary community.
TIME magazine printed my endorsing letter to the editor on Ms. Clinton in its March 14th issue ( and Berlin’s Tagesspiegel newspaper published an online editorial (
ALBA GLADYS CALVERTHILLARY CLINTONAll PositionsREPUBLIC OF IRELANDEMEAHillary Clinton has so much experience with politics, having been the first lady for 8 years, and having been the senator of New York and also working under the Obama administration, it is incredible. I think she could make a wonderful president, and hey we would finally have a female president. I also like her views on foreign policy.

Hillary has shown that she is capable of performing superbly under stress, and of making informed decisions based on her experience. She is perceived, rightly, as a peacemaker and an excellent mediator, when American interest are at stake either at home or abroad. She would have expertise from the best political minds, not excepting her husband, one of the best Presidents of my 73 years.

No other candidate can match the wisdom and organizational capabilities of Hillary Clinton. She has proven herself superior in thought and intellect to any other candidate - Democrat or Republican. She has proven to be a strong person who can persevere in trying times. She will be America's best President.
Anne-Shelton AaronHillary ClintonAll PositionsSwitzerlandEMEAThis current presidential election is more complex and exciting than any other that I have known in my lifetime. It is also the most scary. I would be delighted to contribute my time and my energy to representing Democrats Abroad at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in May. I am honored to have the possibilty of participating in the election process and aspire to contribute to its success to the best of my ability. Since 2008 I have become progressively more involved and feel that I am ready to fulfill this role confidently, together with all the other delegates that will participate. Vote for me and I will make you proud !Both
Annie KowalewskiHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention AlternateUnited KingdomEMEAI first got involved in DA three years ago as elected Vice-Chair of DA Scotland, then subsequently voted in as Chair. During this time, the DA Scotland ExCom and I worked hard to build up the foundations of DA Scotland and eventually expanded our membership to several hundred, organized the regional EMEA conference in Edinburgh, held a GPP polling station, and created regular social meetings for debate watches, American and Scottish holidays. However, during this time I noticed one consistent pattern: DA lacked young members. As a young person myself who has greatly benefitted from the opportunities at DA, I wanted to share these opportunities with other students and young professionals abroad. As a result, I decided to create the DA Youth Caucus and would like to use the platform as a DA delegate to represent and bring awareness to issues that affect young Americans abroad specifically.Both
Aron Olesen ZingmanHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention AlternateIndiaAsia PacificI’m a US citizen who was born in Europe, raised in the swing state of Florida, and volunteered for the Obama campaign when I lived and worked in the swing city of Cincinnati in the swing state of Ohio. I currently live in India. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a convention delegate for the Democrats Abroad in 2016.The Global Convention
Ashley E. ArreolaHillary ClintonAll PositionsAustriaEMEAAs the Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Austria and as a HUGE supporter of Democrats Abroad in general, I feel that it is in the best interest of the organization to run as an uncommitted delegate in an effort to represent our constituents. It is my duty as an officer to represent our membership and their vote however the organization sees fit, as I am providing myself as a tool and ambassador to be utilized by Democrats Abroad as needed. While I do have a personal preference, I find that remaining uncommitted and flexible gives the organization the liberty to allocate me where my presence can be used best. I hope to be of service at the National Convention and represent Democrats Abroad proudly at home.Both
BENJAMIN HOTCHNERHILLARY CLINTONAll PositionsUnited StatesAmericasHello my fellow Democrats,

This nation is at one of many crossroads it has taken every four years - and the first one I am participating in as a full citizen. When I first registered to vote, I cried. Something about finally being able to participate in the election process after so many years is too poetic to handle.

However, I live abroad, and until I found about Democrats Abroad, I imagined there was no other way I could actively participate in the democratic process. Though uncommitted to either of our party's strong candidates, there are values - namely life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - that I find I strongly wish to uphold and continue.

It is in that spirit that I put my name forward as a delegate for the Democratic national convention to nominate the 46th President of these United States of America. 
Brent FarringtonHillary ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericasAs a democrat living abroad for over 15 years, I have experienced first hand the impacts of US policy around the world. It is paramount that a democrat is elected this fall to continue Barak Obama's work in rebuilding America at home and abroad. We (Dems Abroad), know too well the negative effect of Republican Administrations. This experience has motivated me to be active in all of my communities; from registering Americans to vote who living in Canada, to organizing primary or election parties in every election since 2004, to collecting signatures on key legislation for the DNC or phoning electors for Democrats during elections in my home state of Maine.

I have been an active democrat living abroad in Laos, France and now Canada. I would be honored to join the convention delegates to share my life experiences and add my story to the Democrats Abroad delegates at convention.
My Regional Caucus
Bruce SpryerHillary ClintonPledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, Credentials CommitteeAustraliaAsia PacificI have been a committed Democratic voter since 1968. My first campaign work was for Hubert Humphrey as a 1st year student atThe Ohio State University Caucus. In my final year at university, I was an Ohio Junior delegate for George McGovern. I worked on local and state campaigns until 1978 when I returned to Australia permanently. I have continued to vote in US elections since that time and look forward to the opportunity to strengthen my involvement in the promotion of the DP ethos.The Global Convention
Carmelan PolceSecretary Hillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeSingaporeAsia PacificI’m excited to put myself forward to join our delegation to the Democratic National Convention as a delegate for Secretary Clinton.  I’ve been a member of Democrats Abroad since 2003, having started DA Australia with an exciting, inspiring caucus in February 2004.  What a fascinating and engaging grassroots experience!  People STILL talk about it!  After that I was hooked.
Since then I’ve worked in many capacities and on many projects for Democrats Abroad, at the chapter, country committee, regional and global level.  I’m utterly committed to the AP region, which has so much potential to grow and engage members and leaders - particularly when we help and support each other. 
This is my fourth presidential cycle and the first time I’m stepping forward to contest a DA delegate position.  I’m very excited to engage with Democrats representing other state parties and build our relationships with them.  I ask for your support.
Cathleen Allyn ConwayHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention DelegateUnited KingdomEMEAI hereby pledge my support for Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election. I was first eligible to vote for Bill Clinton in 1994 and as a burgeoning feminist I was very impressed with Hillary and how she wasn’t content to redecorate the White House but instead make a real difference with her position and power as First Lady. Since then I have watched her become a Senator (sadly I lived in Illinois and was unable to vote for her), and from abroad I supported her in 2008. During her tenure as Secretary of State I was highly impressed with the way she represented our nation in the international community. I do not believe there has ever been a candidate for President more uniquely qualified than Hillary Clinton. I believe she is exactly what the US needs to recover from the ever-increasing right-wing rhetoric and evangelical ideology that would keep inequality intact. She is an inspiration to me; the embodiment of the American dream that if you work hard enough, you too can become President of the United States, even if you’re a girl.My Regional Caucus
Cecil HillHillary ClintonAll PositionsKuwaitEMEAI hope and pray that the USA can continue to be the leader of the free world and more.  We have to continue to be a beacon of light in a world that needs light.  We have to show the world the pathway to freedom and peace.  Surely we have the human resource capability, intellectual capacity, technology, and natural resources to do this.  In God We Trust!Both
Christina SkovsgaardHillary ClintonAll PositionsNorwayEMEAHillary Clinton has had my support since she entered the political arena.  I am frustrated by the unjust treatment Secretary Clinton and President Obama have had to tolerate.
As Speech  therapist I like the phrase “ In the beginning was the Word”.  The ability to communicate and formulating your thoughts to others is vital. In addition to trying to achieve positive communications in daily life, I have been working diligently in Norway and globally to encourage citizens  be active participants in the political arena and instill the empowerment that comes  through using their right to vote.  I have been an active board member of  Democrats Abroad Norway since 2005. I have been involved in voter-registration, phone-banking, fundraising, event planning, door-knocking in DC , and regularly attend Democratic Abroad meetings.
I was a volunteer at the 2008 convention .  It would be an honor to be a Hillary delegate in 2016.
Christina Skovsgaard
Christine ValverdeHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention AlternateNew ZealandAsia PacificI was born and raised in the Philadelphia area; my parents worked for a now-defunct steel mill just outside Philadelphia.  After graduating high school, I went to work for them as well.  My husband and I moved to New Zealand approximately 12 years ago. 

I’ve been active in the Democratic Party my entire adult life - at local, state and federal levels.  Eight years ago, we founded DA-New Zealand.  For most of that time, I have served as Secretary and Social Media Manager.  

In the interest of full disclosure, I volunteered at the 2000 RNC in Philadelphia.  It was close to home, and I wanted to see what a national convention was like.  Although it was interesting, I would much prefer to serve as a delegate at our convention.  I would be honored to be delegate for Secretary Clinton, who is the experienced and pragmatic choice for Democrats.
Corinne Alice PinaHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) DelegateSwitzerlandEMEAI support Hillary Clinton because she has realistic goals to improve the live of all people living in the United States. Her past experiences make her the best suitable to be Commander in Chief from day one. I truly hope that she will POTUS in 2016.My Regional Caucus, The Global Convention, Both
David Wallace MurrayHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention AlternateSouth AfricaEMEAEver since I knew what a 'lockbox' meant and could utter the phrase "Gore 2000," I have worked tirelessly to fulfill our party's historic commitment to empowering the marginalized. In university, I phonebanked hours and canvassed dozens of neighborhoods for Democratic candidates in VA, SC, and NC. Upon graduation I moved to NYC to work for an NGO addressing energy and climate change issues.
As I study international energy development in South Africa, I've learned the vital importance of American cultural and political leadership abroad. As the right uses racist, sexist and xenophobic rhetoric with pride, our Party has a responsibility to show that we will govern with integrity and moral leadership, by unifying the country, instead of wielding fear as a divisive tool. I would be honored to represent our Party's commitment to climate change, energy security, and global leadership at the DNC this summer. Thank you.
Debra DeOrsey LieblingHillary Rodham ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericasI am dedicated to achieving a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency. I believe that she is by far the nation's best choice to lead us into a progressive future replete with opportunities for each of us to fulfill our American dreams and ideals. I think that her experience in the Senate has demonstrated that she has the political savvy to work with a diverse group of individuals to accomplish positive change. In addition, her role as Secretary of State has provided her with a strong foundation of global understanding and a practical view of America's proper role on the international stage.  The opportunity to live and travel outside of the United States has provided me with insights into how other countries perceive our nation and it is my strong belief that we must continue with an ongoing compassionate and progressive agenda.Both
Deep Tej SinghHillary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeIndiaAsia PacificI was a delegate to an earlier Democratic convention and it is an exhilarating  experience.  I am committed to ensure that a viable candidate gets nominated from the Democratic Party. I was a former VP of the Stonewall Democratic Club in Los Angeles.  I am the Executive Director of the Asian American Public Policy Institute. At AAPPI we focus on getting women and people of color registered to vote; we groom women and POC candidates to run for local, state and Federal office.
It would be an honor and privilege to be a delegate at the Global Convention. 
Denise MelijiHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention AlternateCanadaAmericasI would like to express my interest in becoming a delegate for Democrats Abroad. I have been living in Canada for 3 years now, but have kept my passion for American politics. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, have participated in US political campaigns, and have been a registered Democrat my whole voting life.  Every election feels like a watershed moment in politics, but with the likelihood of multiple Supreme Court openings, the fight against the Affordable Care Act, and the defunding of Planned Parenthood, I feel that this election truly could be such a moment. As Democrats, we cannot allow the progress we have seen over the last 7 years with President Obama erode. I would be proud to serve as a delegate for Democrat’s Abroad and to partake in furthering Democrat causes by helping to elect the next Democratic President in 2016.My Regional Caucus, The Global Convention, Both
Dr Arlene SierraHillary ClintonAll PositionsUnited KingdomEMEAI am a lifelong Democrat and have been a member of Democrats Abroad for about 15 years. My background is in the arts and education: I have worked as an advocate for these fields,  and for women's advancement in particular,  since becoming a full-time professor in the United Kingdom in 2004. My freelance work in the arts brings me into regular contact with arts and education colleagues and organizations at home in the United States. As hispanic woman and a longtime expatriate, I am deeply committed to achieving greater diversity in the political process. Both
Emma Louise Klatman Hilary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeUnited KingdomEMEAFirst and foremost  I am an American expat transplanted to Britain and politically thrive from my 16 years experience with federal and state-level health policy.  Though involved in my current resident country's political goings on, I will continue to feed my insatiable pallet for scrutinizing and distilling American public policy progressions abroad. I look forward to serving Democrats Abroad as a progressive Expat leader and am eager to absorb the powerful progressive spirit abroad.

Emma Louise Klatman, MSc International Public Policy 
My Regional Caucus, The Global Convention, Both
Erma LaVern WoodfinHillary ClintonAll PositionsSpainEMEAI would like to be a delegate for Hillary Clinton, because she is the most qualified candidate, because she has spent her lifetime working for ALL of the American people.  

My contributions to the Democratic party are as follows:
OFA member, and Fellows Alumni
Served as Senate District 52 Chair
Served as House District 52 Chair
Executive Board Member of the Larimer County Party and the Colorado State Party
Central Committee member of the Larimer County Party and the Colorado State Party
Judicial Committee member
CD 2 Committee member
Rules Committee
And various other state and local committees
Precinct Committee Person
Served as a liaison between the county party and the precinct committee members
Registered voters, knocked doors, made phone calls, and lead phone banks
First, and only African American OFA Team Leader for President Obamas' 2012 campaign
Worked on President Obamas' 2008 campaign in Colorado, Texas and Montana
I've hosted numerous house parties, and fundraisers.
Along with picked up and delivered voters, and ballots to the polls
I have been a registered Democrat since age 18, and have voted in every Presidential election.

My greatest achievement was registering my mother to vote in the 2008 Presidential election for the first time in her life at age 73.
George SolendHillary ClintonAll PositionsGermanyEMEAMy candidate has always been Hillary ClintonBoth
Gil CarbajalHillary ClintonAll PositionsSpainEMEAI am proud to belong to a party that has produced two such excellent candidates.  In making my decision on which one to support, I have taken into consideration not only who is more likely to win in November but also who will better manage the tremendous task of governance.  I believe Hillary Clinton, with Bill at her side, can better deal with Republicans in Congress and with the behemoth Federal Government to make it more responsive to the needs of the wide diversity of citizens of the nation. 

As a Mexican American, I am acutely aware of how Hillary as a young activist worked to register my "compadres" in Texas.  I think of the two candidates she is better prepared to reach out to Hispanics throughout the U.S. to encourage their participation in greater numbers than previous elections to choose the next President of the United States.
Giles HogyaHilary ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericas
        I want to further serve Democrats Abroad as an Americas Region delegate to the National Convention in 2016.
        Passion is the sine qua non of service.  Yet passion is only effective when coupled with action.  I have proudly served Democrats Abroad (DA) for nine years. During this time, I have been the Chair of the Victoria Chapter (DAV) transforming it from near obscurity to one of the most prominent chapters in Democrats Abroad Canada (DACA). 
        I was appointed as Acting Vice-chair of DACA in 2010, and was soon elected for two terms as Country Chair.  Under my leadership along with a talented Board and dedicated Chapter Chairs, Canada is one of the most successful Country Committee in the Americas Region and in DA.
         I am running on my record of service and my enthusiastic embrace of the tenets of the Democratic Party.
         Victory in 2016!
Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Giles Hogya
My Regional Caucus
Glenda Carol GerdeHillary ClintonAll PositionsTurkeyEMEAI am very interested in helping Democrats overseas have strong representation for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.  I have watched all of the debates and affiliated news while working at my new job in Istanbul and feel strongly about how important this election is to the future of our country, and America's reputation and success around the world.  I am currently the Dean of Students at a brand new high school in Istanbul, enjoying my travels around Europe during our vacation time, learning a lot, and always ready to serve wherever needed.  I have been a registered Democrat my whole life, and voted for all of our winning Democratic leaders.  I enjoy being on a team with purpose, let's make this happen!Both
James GusichHilary ClintonAll PositionsUnited KingdomEMEAI am a professional (Partner at a Big 4 accounting firm) who has lived in London since May 2014.  In the US, I was very politically aware and supported / advocated positions taken by Democratic candidates.  While living in the UK, I closely follow political developments in the US and am very interested in supporting Democratic causes.  I believe I have the experience and temperament to be an effective delegate, which includes following and respecting the role of the delegate in the nomination process.  It would be my honour to represent Democrats living abroad at this important nominating convention.  Both
Jeffrey C. ChengHillary ClintonAll PositionsSwedenEMEAHaving spent most of my life in the United States, I have developed a great appreciation for how our country is governed and our election process. After moving to Sweden with my husband in 2014, I have gained a different perspective on global politics and have an even greater sense that I want to become more involved in Democrats Abroad. I believe that the Democratic Party has a great opportunity in the next election cycle and the next few years to make a big difference when it comes to future of our country and we can help to increase voter turn out by making sure to represent Asian Americans, LGBT Americans and Democrats under 36 that are living overseas.Both
Jeffrey RichardsonHillary ClintonAll PositionsMozambiqueEMEAI am a Democrat residing in Maputo Mozambique with my husband and I would be honored to represent Democrats Abroad as a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention bringing my voice as an LGBT African American residing in Southern Africa. Both my husband and I have been active in the Democratic Party at the state and national level. While living in the District of Columbia I served as the Vice Chair of the District of Columbia Democratic Party and President of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club.  In Mozambique I am actively engaged in supporting US policies and programs that promote human rights, equality and access for all.  In our global world, Democrats Abroad are an important voice in sharing the parties message of diversity and inclusion. The Global Convention
Jim MercereauHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention DelegateSpainEMEAIt has been an exciting time in Madrid the past few years as we grew and re-engaged our membership through monthly meetings, social and cultural events to bring a renewed vitality to Democrats Abroad in Madrid and Spain.
My proudest contribution is a bi-lingual Tribute to Maya Angelou staged at the Casa de America which I organized in June 2014.  It was heralded as a huge success by our membership and the community at large.
I also instigated and organized our exciting participation in Pride Parades in 2014 & 2015, which attracted new members, and was part of setting a cutting edge feel for our chapter.
Along with Ryan Turner we organized a very successful 10th Anniversary Party, and the following year a summer Party.  At the suggestion of a summer intern we included a Silent Auction which I pulled together generating over €500 for the chapter coffers.  This past December we had our first Chapter Holiday Party which was also a huge success.
I assisted in organizing the 2015 Climate Change march which also let us reach out to new and existing members. 
In January this year I organized a nationwide phone bank to bring our CC from under 50% validated to well over 70% and have continued this process with 18 volunteers from across Spain.
I organized and hosted two fundraisers in my home that generated over €850 for the country committee that funded our GPP and AGM activities. 
I helped develop a strategy with our local social media specialist, Alanna Gluck who executed our Facebook and on line presence for the GPP effort in Spain.  Our results speak for themselves with Spain now in 5th place for global participation and a huge increase in membership throughout Spain.
I participated on the GPP organizing committee and the voter tabulation effort in Prien, all while carefully avoiding public alignment with my preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton.
My previous efforts on behalf of the Democratic Party, while I was still in the workforce, has been as a door knocker and/or phonebanker the last two weeks of October to election day, which I have done in FL every federal election since 2002. I thrive on the energy of the last few weeks of the GOTV efforts.
I have considered myself an engaged Democrat for well over 50 years.  I would immensely appreciate the honor of participating and representing Democrats Abroad in our national convention in Philadelphia. It has been 48 years since I went to my last Democratic National Convention, this time hopefully it will be on the inside.
Jody B. QuinnellHillary ClintonAll PositionsMexicoAmericasI am a lifelong Democrat active at the grassroots level and on several campaign committees to elect Democrats in my home state of Michigan. I moved to Mexico in 2008.
Since moving to Mexico I have been actively involved in spreading the message of Democrats Abroad as we seek to educate voters to get to the polls and vote to make a difference in the United States political landscape
 I am the former chair of the Mazatlán Chapter of DPCA, currently serving my second term as Chair of DA Mexico and recently have appointed Deputy Vice Chair for the Americas Region of DA.  Recently I attended the 2016 DNC Hispanic Caucus in Miami.
Hillary Clinton is the champion of working families in America striving to close the gap of income inequality, addressing climate change and a plethora of other issues that impact Americans worldwide. Let’s help her change the future.
John BarronHillary ClintonAll PositionsGermanyEMEAI care passionately about this election and I want to do all that I can to help.Both
John ChudyHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials CommitteeGuatemalaAmericasMarch 2016

Delegate Candidate Statement of John Chudy

The experience of being close to President Obama’s reelection nomination in 2012 was exhilarating. This year, the excitement is even more intense. Whether one is Feeling The Bern or is Happy With Hillary, our Party has two fabulous candidates.  I have pledged my support to Hillary because she’s been thoroughly scrutinized and tempered by her public decisions. Her mistaken vote on Iraq, the Benghazi ordeal rendered unassailable during 11 hours of live testimony, and her mangled email saga, have run her through the buzz saw and she’s come out not only standing, but a proven leader who can handle heat. I want to be a Democrats Abroad delegate supporting and celebrating when our Party formally nominates Hillary for president. As DAGT past chair and current vice chair and former Regional Vice Chair for the Americas, I work every day to elect Democrats.
Jordan Alejandro RosenbergHillary ClintonAll PositionsSpainEMEAI hope to give a voice to all expats at the DNC Convention!My Regional Caucus
Joseph SmallhooverHillary ClintonAll PositionsFranceEMEAI have worked tirelessly for the Democratic Party of the United States since my first campaign in 1968 and for Democrats Abroad since moving to France in 1985.  I am proud to have supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential campaign and to have supported her since then.  As former International Chair of Democrats Abroad, as a former Democratic National Committee Member and as current Chair of Democrats Abroad France, I am honored to pledge my support to Hillary Clinton once again;Both
Joshua Sam LapidusHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeIsraelEMEAMy name is Joshua Lapidus and I am running for delegate because I am willing and qualified to use my experiences, passion, and pragmatic nature to serve all Americans abroad in the role of Delegate.

After graduating from American University in 2013, I spent two years in China and am currently in Tel Aviv.

I started in politics in 2010, working my way up to deputy campaign manager on a delegate’s race in Maryland. I caught the bug, continuing with two internships on the Hill, then a stint as a Legislative Director in the Maryland General Assembly.

Volunteering for the DNC finance committee in Charlotte was one of the best experiences of my life, and I’d value the opportunity to serve Democrats Abroad at the 2016 convention. I hope you will reach out to me to share your ideas and concerns about the future of our party and our nation.
Joshua Van der PloegHillary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeUnited KingdomEMEAI have lived in London for almost six years, during which time I have become increasingly active in Democrats Abroad. In whatever position I serve, I will bring a new perspective and a passionate voice to help motivate others -- particularly in the Millennial generation -- to become more politically engaged, as well as helping American ex-pats exercise their right to vote (and to support our Democratic candidates).Both
Juan AlmeidaHillary ClintonAll PositionsEcuadorAmericasLike Hillary Clinton because of her experience as a Fist Lady and Secretary of State and the values she are commited to defendBoth
Justin MargolisHillary ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericasAs a native Ohioan, I came to learn the importance of voting at a very young age.
Since moving to Montreal in 2006, I have voted absentee in every possible election, from Canada and from Belgium. Actually, my only time voting in-person was at age 17 in the primaries.

I am 27 years old, openly gay, and Jewish. I have a Master’s in International Law from the Université de Montréal and a Bachelor’s from McGill University. I work for a Canadian NGO that organizes youth leadership programs around the world, and I speak many languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Social Media.

In 2015, I was actively involved in Justin Trudeau’s campaign, responsible for coordinating the Liberal participation at Montréal Gay Pride, and for developing strategies on LGBTQ issues. After the Republican circus leaves my hometown Cleveland, I would be honoured and privileged to represent Democrats Abroad in Philadelphia. 
Karen McMahonHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention AlternateUKEMEAI've been an American living abroad for over 15 years. Although my life is in another country, my citizenship in the United States is an honor and privilege to have. I therefore think its my duty to continue to support the election process at all levels. What happens in the United States affects the rest of the world and I won't be passive when it comes to electing our leaders. I'm a Latina, a woman, I have Endometriosis and I'm an expat. I have a voice for each of these positions I hold. I would be proud to represent our party at the national conventionThe Global Convention
Keith SoniaHillary ClintonAll PositionsUnited KingdomEMEABobby Kennedy said that “this world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.” Our party has a genuine opportunity to embrace and encourage a new generation of young people to fight for a more progressive America – one that values all members of society regardless of race or orientation or sex or creed. I’ve been on the frontlines of Democratic politics for twelve years and I’m only 27. I ask that you show that our organization believes, as Bobby did, that youthful voices can have a lasting impact and influence on the future of our country, and I respectfully ask that you send me to Philadelphia as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.The Global Convention
Lauren ShannonHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Platform CommitteeJapanAsia PacificAs a former country Chair and DNC member, and someone who worked tirelessly on issues and voter empowerment for DA, I am putting in my name to represent Democrats Abroad and Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia later this year. I have proven over the years that I understand both the work and responsibility in representing Democrats Abroad. I have also mentored newer members over the years.  I helped take the Japan country committee from less than 300 to well over 2000 members during my time as chair. I am ready to work hard on behalf of DA, and I know how to represent our issues and constituents around the world. The convention is an important opportunity for us to highlight the importance of overseas Americans as ambassadors for the best of our ideals as a party and a country.The Global Convention
Leslie Anne RogersHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention AlternateJapanAsia PacificMy name is Leslie Anne Rogers, and I hope to be part of the DA delegation to the National Convention in July.  A transplant from Texas to Tokyo, I've been an active DA-Japan member and volunteer since 2008.  I served on the Nominations and Election Committee in 2013, and currently serve as Vice Chair.

My personal platform as a Democrat focuses on women's issues (including equal pay, reproductive rights, and access to contraception), marriage equality, protecting the ACA, and putting an end to Citizens United.

This primary has involved, engaged, and infuriated me by turns in ways I don't recall from past election years.  I honestly like and respect both of our Democratic candidates, and will support whichever one of them gains the nomination (and the Presidency).  That said, I believe that Hillary Clinton is the best choice for the nominee, and pledge to support her by voice and action.
Marco Antonio OrsiniHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Platform CommitteeMonacoEMEAAs an American citizen living abroad, I have seen the fall and rise of our nation in the eyes of my European brothers and sister. The difference between a Democratic and Republican party in the White House makes a huge difference on how we are perceived day to day. I promise you life is easier on the other side of the pond with President Obama than it was with President Bush. I can assure you if Mr Trump gets the U.S. Republican nomination, we Americans living abroad will suffer from the obvious stupidity of such a nomination.

I have donated to Secretary Clinton's campaign and will do so until I reach the maximum allowed to donate by law. I am voting now, thanks to your efforts, and if there is any way that I can serve and make a difference no matter how small, I will do my best to do so.
My Regional Caucus
Mark EvansHillary ClintonAll PositionsAustraliaAsia PacificMy name is Mark Evans and I am a native Pennsylvanian who has been living in Sydney, Australia for over 2 years. I am an IT Project Manager for the U.S. Government in Washington DC teleworking from Australia. Also, I am an active and passionate member of the LGBT community with a focus on supporting LGBT youth organizations. I believe we must work hard to protect the progress President Barack Obama has made for the United States in the last 8 years. I will be returning to Washington DC for work in July and August of this year and would be honored to help with the selection of our next Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Both
Mary Ann Balko-KochHillary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention AlternateAustriaEMEAI’ve been involved with DAA since July 2008. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have put in a lot of time and effort into DA – organizing monthly meetings, speaking events, inauguration parties,  travelling to board meetings, volunteering at the last convention in Charlotte, N.C. and  just recently, the Global Presidential Primary had my full attention as far as preparing for our voting center in Vienna in which I conceived and instituted a pre-registration process to kill three birds with one stone – update current members, identify new members and have them join DAA and reduce the amount of waiting time to pick up, fill out and cast one’s ballot as well as assisting in the tabulation process once all voting centers were closed. I have put my heart into being a democrat and I want to experience the process of electing our presidential candidate first hand by being a delegate!Both
Melissa Ann SteeleHillary ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericasAs a former prairie representative for Democrats Abroad, I have helped register voters, hosted debate watches as well as volunteering on the ground in the last two presidential elections in  Virginia and D.C.  It has been a thrill to be part of the Obama movement and I am excited to help Hillary Clinton make history again in 2016.  Let's bring it home for America and for Hillary!My Regional Caucus, The Global Convention
Meng Qu WuHillary ClintonAll PositionsChinaAsia PacificI am a Chinese American who was born in Shanghai and grew up in Los Angeles. I have lived in California for 16 years and Shanghai for 14 years. When my family first immigrated to Los Angeles in 1991, the Bill Clinton era just began. During Clinton’s 8 years as president of the United States, my family was able to prosper and benefit from the contributions by the Clinton administration. Coming from humble beginnings, I have always identified as a Democrat and hope to become a part of the Democratic Party’s movement. Also, during a time when US-China relations are more important than ever, I believe that I have a deep and unique understanding of both countries. Last but not least, I am an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and follow the most recent policies and developments between the United States and China.Both
Michael DripsHillary ClintonPledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) DelegateFranceEMEAI have been a life long Democrat, first voting in a Presidential election in 1972. I support Hillary Clinton for President. I am an experienced traveler and have no issues in attending the Democratic convention.Both
Michael Lee DudleyHillary ClintonAll PositionsSwedenEMEAAs an American living abroad since 1989, I have continually kept myself current of political and cultural developments in the States. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. gave me an early introduction to politics as a day-to-day  subject of relevance and interest. I have been following the career of Hillary Clinton since before Bill Clinton was elected to his first term and although I am happy that Bernie Sanders has put up a good and honourable challenge, I am convinced that Hillary is the right person to lead the country forward. The United States has made enormous strides, both economically and socially during Obama´s two terms, and the recent developments on the Republican side make it even more obvious that it is essential that we put an experienced Democrat in office to maintain and further these advances.Both
Ning-Feng WangHillary ClintonAll PositionsUnited Kingdom EMEAI am a child of the American dream, having left China in 1989 in the midst of Tiananmen Square.  My family settled in Chicago, where my dad first arrived to study engineering.  Years later, like the history of this country, we too moved west to California in search of sunshine and gold.  I have had the fortune to study at some of the country’s finest public schools, including the world-renowned Berkeley.  I champion perennial causes like access to education and closing the inequality gap, as well as new ideas like using blockchain technology to improve voter access.  Though I have been living in London for the past year as a corporate lawyer, I feel stronger than ever about being involved in the political process at home and would like to one day contribute to policymaking.  I hope I can start by serving as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.  Both
Orlando E. VidalHillary ClintonAll PositionsUnited Arab EmiratesEMEAI'm a life-long Democrat, of immigrant parents, born and raised in Puerto Rico, until I left for college and law school on the mainland.  I served as a federal prosecutor in Philadelphia, and later USDOJ Legal Advisor in Colombia.  I worked in DC for 13 years.  I'm now based in Dubai, where I work at a major international law firm.  I've had the privilege of serving as a member of DA's  Executive Committee as International Counsel, where I was first elected in 2013 and then reelected last year.  I advise the ExCom and Country Committees on legal matters and drafted our DSP.  I also serve as Vice Chair in the UAE where we saw a 122% increase in membership, with 75% of our members voting, placing us as the top Country Committee in voter participation this year during our Global Presidential Primary.  I support Hillary.  She's the most experienced candidate, by far.  I would like my daughter and my son too, and all of America's daughters and sons, to know, that—in our country—a woman can be President.  It's about time!  And I support Hillary because my life experience has taught me that, while it is imperative to stand by and have good principles, that's not enough:  one must know how to effectively advance them.  I know Hillary will. I hope that, as a delegate to the Convention, I can be a small part of this important historical moment.Both
Owen P. JappenHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Platform CommitteeGermanyEMEAIt is with great humility that I seek your support in candidacy as delegate and committee member to the 2016 Convention under Democrats Abroad. Though not stout in age, I have a consistently pursued volunteer work with local advocacy issues and campaigns in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and presently through Democrats Abroad as Events and Fundraising Coordinator for Germany. Of experiences so far, among the most satisfying has been serving on the Board of Trustees for my Alma mater, which provided a unique glimpse into higher education – an important staple to America and to the platform of the DNC. As a chemical engineer, optimization and meticulous analysis of detail are paramount, which would be relevant and beneficial to Convention proceedings. Thank you all for your consideration to actively participate in party discussions, policy development, and not to be remiss: nominating the next President of our great nation!The Global Convention
Pamela BouletHillary Clinton

At Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged PLEO Delegate and/or National Convention Alternate


Having lived abroad for 25 years and a member of Democrats Abroad here in France, I felt the need to bridge the distance between the election happening an ocean away and our expat community here. Having just returned from the primary in New Hampshire, I have seen first-hand the grassroots efforts of our fellow-democrats: trudging through snow, knocking on doors, driving voters to the polls…an inspiration and the motivating force behind my candidacy.

Through my active role in Paris and London on the campaign’s Overseas Finance Committee (both in 2008/ 2012 for President Obama and presently for Hillary Clinton), I have very strong ties to the campaign both internationally and nationally. I am a graduate of Wellesley College and presently serve as the President of the Alumnae Association in France and on the Parents Council of the University of Pennsylvania. Thank you for your consideration.

Patricia ReedHIllary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeSingaporeAsia PacificI co-founded Democrats Abroad as Vice-Chair with David White in 2008 in Singapore.

This election, after flirting with the newcomer to the race, Bernie Sanders, I decided that Hillary Clinton would be a better candidate for the Presidency. Two points stood out for me: 1) Austan Goolsbee, a respected economic advisor to Obama compared the realism of the Sanders agenda to “magic flying puppies with winning Lotto tickets tied to their collars.” and, 2) Hillary Clinton had raised, as of March, $26 million to elect Democrats at state level against Bernie's $1000 to counter huge losses at state and local level.

As Hillary is statistically likely to win the nomination, and considering Asia's increased importance in US foreign policy, I would be honored to be a delegate. I attended have attended DA global meetings in the past, and would enjoy visiting and lobbying together under the new Chair, Katie Solon.
Peter Sol RogersHilary ClintonAll PositionsKenyaEMEAAs a life long democrats working on USAID initiatives, I feel it is important for me to offer my support and endorsement of Hilary Clinton for President. Both
Philip A. DeTurckHillary Rodham ClintonAll PositionsJapanAsia PacificMy name is Philip DeTurck, I am a young naval officer and recent graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a degree in political science. I am currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan where I work as a Surface Warfare Officer. I would make an excellent delegate to the 2016 convention because of my lifelong passion for politics, my past experience working for both the campaign and district office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA), and that, as a young military officer, I would represent the thousands of young American Democrats who serve their country abroad. I believe strongly in the ideals of the Democratic Party and would be proud to serve as a representative for my fellow Democrats Abroad to help select our Presidential Candidate.
(All ideas expressed are my own and in no way reflect the positions of the United States Navy or Department of Defense)
prudence beckHillary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Platform CommitteeFranceEMEA as a NEW NEW DEAL DEMOCRAT of 82 years let me HELP & add my strong young voice to the plight of the little people all over the world who are aided by a DEMOCRATIC US ADministration...ardent feminism, I am a Wilson-FDR Democrat who knew Harry Truman, JFK, LBJ, RFK, Rev.Dr King, Walter Mondale, GMcGovern (a relative!), from Carter to Clinton with stops in-between...classmate of GSteinem at ready, more than willing & eager to serve...and 'giv em H#LL' as we University of Hawaii (Manoa) grads like to say!  Elect Prudence Griffin Beck as Delegate & watch the fireworks!  ThanksMy Regional Caucus, The Global Convention, Both
Rachel AllistonHillary ClintonAll PositionsGermanyEMEAI was raised in the suburbs of New York City and moved to England at eighteen. I’ve since lived abroad eleven of the past fourteen years. Having experienced life in the US, the UK, France and Germany, I feel myself to be a well-qualified candidate for participation as an overseas delegate. Consistently dismayed by the maneuvers of the American right, I would like to contribute to a Democratic party that is willing to seek moderate middle ground between the parties. I have never formerly been involved in politics outside of my role as voter and registered Democrat. I wish to become more involved in the electoral process as well as in organizing outside of election years. On the local level, my primary concerns include education, funding for the arts, and affordable housing. I have a background in art history and art practice; I currently work in cultural organizing and publishing.Both
Reno DomenicoHillary ClintonAll PositionsUkraineEMEAI am an organization Democrat.  I believe that the Democratic Party provides American the best leadership ability to be a prosperous, productive, and more perfect union.
I have worked in Democratic Party elections since I was 12 years old – campaigning for JFK.  I worked subsequently for RFK, McGovern, and then became active in the Camden City, New Jersey, Democratic politics, volunteering and eventually becoming a leader of the local Camden City Democratic Committee.
In 1974 we turned the 1st district of NJ Democratic for the first time in 101 years.  By 1979 I was the chief organizer of the Camden City Party, and eventually become Chairman of the Camden City Democratic Committee.
I’m serving my 3rd term as Chairman of Democrats Abroad Ukraine.
I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States, and her election will bring prosperity and democratic progress for our country.
Robert M. "Skipp" OrrHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeJapanEMEAI am a dedicated Democrat and would fight to ensure a Democratic victory in the Fall.  I had the honor of serving 5+ years in the Obama Administration as Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank in Manila.  My term ended on December 31, 2015.   

Originally from South Florida, I have lived overseas for roughly 30 years in Japan, France, Germany, Belgium and the Philippines.    I have been active in Democrats Abroad Japan for roughly 10 years.   In the 1970s I served as staffer in the House of Representatives for 5 years, the in USAID followed by a career in academia,  several years as Vice President of Motorola in Japan and then in Europe followed by 5 years as President of Boeing Japan.

I am dedicated supporting the strong record of achievement by President Barack Obama and strongly believe former Secretary Hillary Clinton will exercise that needed leadership from her first day in office.
Robert Ravelli Hillary ClintonAll PositionsUK EMEAI am currently Country Committee Chair for DA United Kingdom.  I have been active in DAUK for several years helping to organize this years successful UK Global Primary,  doing get out vote activities,  establishing the DAUK LGBT group and representing DA in the media.  I had the honor to represent DA at the Oxford Union debating society where I successfully defended the motion that the Obama Administration was a success. 

I want to represent DA at the Convention as a Hillary delegate.  I am actively involved in the Hillary campaign here in London helping to engage the LGBT community.

I am a native of the Convention host city Philadelphia and was active in Democratic Party politics there.  I was a Deputy Mayor for 8 years under Gov. Ed Rendell when he was then Mayor.  Through my political connections there I will ensure that Democrats Abroad have a great convention experience.
Rosemary McCarthyHillary ClintonAll PositionsSwitzerlandEMEAI am a mother of 5, a naturalized citizen who believes in setting an example for my children and instilling in them love for country and a belief in our political system.  A belief that if you participate in the political process by voting and letting your voice heard you can change the way things are done.  I have a strong belief in Hillary Clinton's leadership.  Hillary Clinton has in the past fought for children, and mothers like myself, not only that, she knows foreign policy which is where I fall.  We have been working abroad for a long time, I believe that Hillary Clinton's experience and knowledge best represents what I am fighting for, a place for Working Families especially families in global transition.  I believe that she'll do a good job to ensure that my family is protected both here and at home.Both
Salli Anne SwartzHillary ClintonNational Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeFranceEMEAI have been an ardent Democrat since I first voted over 40 years ago, supporting woman candidates for State and Federal offices by donations and campaign work.As I am also an ardent feminist and   throughout my professional career as an international lawyer, I have mentored young women through groups I have founded such as Women's Interest Network in the American Bar Association and the Women's Interest Group in the International Bar Association. I also helped create the job of Diversity Officer to assist, promote, train and support minority law students and minority young lawyers in the Section of International Law of of the American Bar Association of  which I was President in 2010-2011.I support Hillary Clinton 10 000% and will do all I can do to get her elected, including convincing the Bernie delegates to join the Hillary campaign once Hillary obtains the nomination. I have worked on policy issues throughout my career, in the areas of women's rights and rule of law and through my pro bono work have advanced these issues through the American Bar Association, the Columbia Center of Sustainable International Development, the African Development Bank, the World Bank and  the Internatonal Legal Assistance Consortium. I want to help make Hillary the first woman President of the United States not only because she is a woman but because she is the best candidate ever.Both
Sarah DealyHillary ClintonAll PositionsGermanyEMEAMy name is Sarah Dealy and I work as a tour guide in Stuttgart, Germany, although I am also a part of the military community here, as my husband is a civilian working for the Department of Defense.  I have been involved in Democratic politics since I was 18, as a campaign worker for Barbara Boxer's reelection in 1998.  I've volunteered for numerous campaigns, local and national, and enjoyed phonebanking for President Obama's reelection in 2012.  I have also served as a poll worker in the past.  I am committed to the democratic process and would love the opportunity to represent the portion of Democrats Abroad that supported Hillary Clinton in the primary.  Thank you for your consideration.Both
Sean BurkeHillary ClintonAll PositionsIrelandEMEAI held a strong American beliefs since I lived in America and even through I'm currently living in Ireland for the last 16 years I still call myself as American because I feel more connected to country I was born and raised in than all my life here Both
Shari TempleHillary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeGermanyEMEAI have served Democrats Abroad in multiple capacities since joining in 2004 at all levels.  I started as the chair of the Germany-Munich Chapter Chair.  At the Germany level, I served as Secretary, Vice-Chair, Chair, and currently Voting Representative.  At the regional level, I was the Regional Vice Chair for EMEA.   At the international level, I was the part of the International ExCom while serving as RVC.   I’ve been a member and chaired several international committees and task forces.  My major role has been as part of the DA IT team which I have led for several years.
My commitment and understanding of the DA operation and our goals would allow me to represent DA as a delegate to the DNC.  I’m am running as a Hillary Clinton supporter.  My views align well with both candidates.  However, I believe that Hillary would be more successful in implementing the needed changes.
My Regional Caucus, The Global Convention, Both
Sheryl BrownHillary ClintonAll PositionsPeoples Republic of ChinaAsia PacificEven though I live abroad, my heart and loyalty is to my country.  As an expatriate living overseas and teaching American curriculum at an international school, I feel as if I am already an embassador representing my country.  I fully support the Democratic Party and all that they symbolize. I am proud to be an active voter and believe in the importance of voting and in encouraging others to do the same. The world we live in is very complex and we need someone with integrity and cultural appreciation to lead our country.  I want to be a part of that process and happily support the Democratic party and the United States of America. Both
Stephanie ShumskyHillary ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericasI have taken a active role in supporting voting rights since I turned 18 and helped elderly voters in rural Pennsylvania cast their ballots in the 2004 primary elections.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal I saw first-hand the danger of poor decisions made by politicians who don’t have to answer to their constituents.

Even then, I wished I could be more involved in the political process back home, where the Republicans were trying to turn the country I love into one that I did not recognize.

I currently live in Quebec, Canada but I am forever a U.S. citizen. This is an important election and I look forward to helping Democrats as they make their choice for the nominee who will help us hold on to the White House and continue to build an America that gives opportunities to all of her people. 
Steve NardiHillary ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericas1980, living in Alaska - it was my first election. I voted for Jimmy Carter after having listened to Ronald Reagan’s acceptance speech on the drive to the poll. In Alaska I volunteered for Pegge Begich’s U.S. Senate campaign and was privileged to have been a delegate to state conventions in Alaska and Texas. I have been a Democrat since childhood.

Our experiences outside the U.S. provide a unique lens as we peer through the looking glass at what could be an election with catastrophic long-lasting results. It is crucial to America’s future that Democrats elect our nominee to build on the policies initiated by President Obama.

In the past 4 years I’ve worked at the local, national and international levels of DPCA in an effort to raise awareness of DPCA & GOTV activities, develop benefits to membership and fund-raising. I would be honored to represent DPCA in Philadelphia.
Steve TathamHillary ClintonAll PositionsJapanAsia PacificI remember as a 12 year-old boy, adjusting the TV’s rabbit ears to watch the battle for the Democratic nomination between Humphrey, McGovern and seven other candidates. In May of that year, 1972, George Wallace, one of the nine, had been shot and lay in the hospital. One of his rivals, his ideological opposite, came to visit him as he recovered; and for her act of kindness was publicly scorned. Shirley Chisolm was the first major party black candidate for president, the Democratic party’s first woman. I was captivated witnessing history and wondered where this spindly woman, who had certainly faced unimaginable obstacles, found such strength and grace. She offered us, my friends, my brothers, the future, such promise. It's a promise today that's being fulfilled by Hillary Clinton and it would be an inconceivable honor to support the fulfillment of a quest begun 44 years ago.Both
Steven FishmanHillary ClintonAll PositionsCanadaAmericasStrong supporter of the Democratic Party and would like to be more involved in the party at any level to ensure that another Democrat is sitting in the White House in January 2017.Both
Suzy McNeilHillary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, National Convention AlternateCanadaAmericasIt appears Hillary needs all the support she can get since BS won the DA primary.
I am a US. Citizen, Registered to vote in Florida.  I attended DA Primary in Ottawa at the Senator Bar.  I've been involved in the DA for many years in the age of Rachel Euster, but have lost track of the organization.  Now I want to get more involved.
Tammy BeaulieuHillary ClintonAll PositionsSPAINEMEARaised from a pup as a Democratic supporter from Minnesota! I am the daughter of an AFL-CIO Intl Union Local 10 Leader (who happened to be Native American). I saw first hand skilled tradespeople who were minorities get involved grassroots level in their Unions and not just find themselves a place within it, but along with it a middle class lifestyle! (I was the first in the family to go on to College). The Democratic Party has always been where skilled workers had a strong presence and represented the complexity and diversity of the US middle class. As a LongTerm expat, "Resident Based Taxation" is an important issue to me along with other FACTA issues, as being an "American Abroad" has an actual additional financial cost to it.   Voting: Its such a simple, but powerful act!  Lets defend Voter Rights, we need MORE people voting, not less! Lets get people excited about VOTING with a Political Party and a Presidential candidate, who takes the time to listen to "the other guys point of view". Both
Timothy J. FlanaganHillary ClintonAll PositionsFranceEMEAI vote in my self interest, and am not ashamed; I hope to have seventy more years on this planet, and I want my nation of birth to be strong throughout my life. I want my peers from across the country to have equal opportunity, I want members of the LGBT+ community like myself to be able to pursue our lives in peace, and I want the air I breathe, the cities along our coasts, and the vast plains that provide our food to remain safe from the grave threat of climate change. While we may in dissatisfaction seek quick solutions, forgetting the complexity and nuance of an interconnected world, casting myopic blame on one area will result in nothing revolutionary. My vote was for a strong leader who upholds all of my values, and evolves like us as the world changes. I am proud to support Hillary Clinton.Both
Timothy McCrackenHillary ClintonAll PositionsFranceEMEAI am a lifelong member of the Democratic Party and a member of Democrats Abroad France.  I have lived in France for eight years.  My goal is to represent the issues that are important to Democrats abroad, as evidenced by my question about FACTA which was submitted and asked of the campaigns at the recent Global Town Hall.  The voices of those Americans living abroad are often unrepresented, particularly given our lack of direct Congressional representation.  I would be a stalwart voice representing the interests of Americans and Democrats, pledging my delegation to Hillary Clinton.  As an added bonus, I will be in Philadelphia visiting family the week of the National Convention, and therefore would not need transportation nor accommodation.  Both
Traci MoellerHillary ClintonAll Positions, At-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention Alternate, Rules Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform CommitteeSwitzerlandEMEA“Who do you think should be President?” After a couple play dates or Parent Association meetings, the mothers and fathers of my 5-year old son’s playmates always ask me this question. My German born husband and Swiss-born son live in a suburb of Zurich, Kusnacht, which boasts Tina Turner and hedge fund managers as residents. It also boasts a host of expats and working class Swiss living and working to give their children a fair shake. It is similar to my hometown of Bloomfield, CT so when I am asked the inevitable question I simply respond by saying the Democrat who is looking to create opportunities for families to thrive much like how we are in Kusnacht-ZH. And with that, I respectfully submit my statement of candidacy for as a 2016 DNC international delegate.My Regional Caucus, The Global Convention, Both
Tre' Shawn LaMarkus GriffinHillary ClintonAll Positionsthe NetherlandsEMEAThe 21st Century has brought new challenges to the United States of America. In order to move successfully into the future, the United States needs strong, forward thinking leadership. More than ever we must reverse the course of exclusion and accurately depict ALL of the many faces of America. From running for school elections, to avidly volunteering for campaigns in my hometown of Akron, Ohio, & the Presidential elections of 2008, politics have captivated me for years, especially the beliefs of the Democratic Party.  I am currently studying hard to become one of America’s future Diplomats. I would be honored and privileged to be chosen to represent American Democrats abroad and the Democratic Party as a delegate at the Democratic Convention in casting our vote for the next Democratic President of the great United States of America. Thank you for your consideration.Both
Vineet M. GuptaHillary ClintonAll PositionsSt. Vincent & the GrenadinesAmericas"Keep Fighting." 

Those words sum up what this campaign means to me. Those words, to me, define Hillary's vision for America and her personal narrative, as best as I understand them.

I'm rooting for Hillary because I want America to keep fighting; keep fighting for peace; keep fighting for prosperity; keep fighting for innovation; keep fighting for justice; keep fighting for equality in all its forms. 

I'm rooting for Hillary because I know she's going to keep fighting; keep fighting in this campaign; keep fighting the Republicans; keep fighting for progress; keep fighting for ME.

Those words also call on me to do my part to keep fighting; for this campaign; for the United States of America; for my own personal story.

Finally, I'm rooting for Hillary because I want someone who can fight the fight and has the scars to show for it.
Virginia Rustique-PetteniHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention DelegateUnited KingdomEMEAI am a lifelong Democratic and have spent much of my life championing the Democratic Party. As the daughter to first-generation Filipino immigrants, I grew up with a very clear understanding of how fortunate I am to be American. My strong sense of civic duty meant that from an early age I was involved in party politics whether it was volunteering for my Democratic congressman on Capitol Hill, working for that same congressman when he ran for Governor of Kansas, working on the Democratic Convention and then the Clinton/Gore campaign in 1996, all the way to the White House and President Clinton's second administration. I watched Hilllary in action as First Lady. She was a role model for me of strong woman, committed mother, tireless campaigner and pioneering change maker. She believes in helping the lives of people who need it most. She is committed to the Party and has been a fighter for the values that make our party strong and our country great. She's working to ensure a better future - and for those of us living abroad - she appreciates the important role America will play in driving positive outcomes for global politics and economies for future generations. Both
Wafa Sania TawfeeqHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) DelegateUnited KingdomEMEABorn in Bangladesh, raised in a Muslim family, I moved to the US in 1992 to pursue a degree at The University of Texas at Austin. After graduating in Economics with honors, I entered the work force and enjoyed the economic boom of the Clinton era. I became interested in US politics, followed the 2000 election with interest and ultimately a great disappointment. In 2004, after I became a US citizen, I started being politically active starting with volunteering for Howard Dean’s campaign and contributing to Obama’s Senate campaign. Early 2005 I moved to New York, had the pleasure of meeting then Senator Barack Obama at the hedge fund I worked in, attended fundraiser and voted for Hillary Clinton. I am deeply committed to Democratic party’s platform especially on social issues and have been doing my best in promoting those values: Equal Opportunity and Justice for all.The Global Convention
Wendy BonzaHillary ClintonAt-Large National Convention Delegate, Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate, National Convention AlternateCanadaAmericasI have been passionate about politics from an early age and observed the importance of Democratic political principles in governance as they impacted people in my birth state of California and, subsequently, Colorado, the state in which I now vote from abroad.  
I have also been fortunate enough to witness the importance of the Democratic party in leading politics internationally as I grew up in South Africa during the regime of apartheid, when increased sanctions provided critical pressure in changing that government’s agenda of oppression. I am also interested in the Democratic position of advancing GLBT rights as I watch from my Canadian home perspective as many states begin to repeal basic human rights through restrictive and punitive anti-GLBT legislation.  I would like to contribute to the positive, human rights-oriented, socially progressive campaign which Hillary Clinton is leading with compassion and class.  Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.
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