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April 10, 2019

Welcome to your April Disability Council Newsletter! 

This year, the DNC Disability Council kicked off its fundraising efforts with an extraordinary event in Washington, D.C. headlined by none other than former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. We exceeded our goal of $10,000 and now are focusing our efforts on funding an amazing program that will put field organizers on the ground as early as this summer! 

The DNC recently announced Organizing Corps 2020, a program in partnership with 7 state parties, 270 Strategies, and The Collective PAC that will train and pay organizers in battleground states. This is an unprecedented, multi-million-dollar program that will recruit, pay, and train young people to get them ready to work on the 2020 presidential cycle. 

We received over 50 applications from students with disabilities before the April 8 application deadline! For now, please share the news about Organizing Corps 2020 with your friends, family, and colleagues and support important DNC programs like Organizing Corps 2020! The DNC and Organizing Corps 2020 teams are working to ensure that the training program and job placement experiences are accessible and inclusive. 

Organizing Corps 2020 starts this summer, which is why we need your support now more than ever. The urgent need for organizers, and the funds to support them, come at a time when we cannot afford to sit back while the Trump campaign continues to build its campaign infrastructure and war chest. 

For more information on Organizing Corps 2020, updates on the disability community, our investments in tech and data, news on our Democratic ecosystem, and upcoming DNC events, see below, or feel free to email

Best Regards, 


Joey Paolino
Disability Council Deputy Director
Democratic National Committee 

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