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NEW DIGITAL AD: New Campaign, Same Broken Promises

Today, the DNC War Room released a new targeted digital ad to counter Trump's campaign relaunch and to control the narrative leading into his rally tonight. The ad shows how Trump's new campaign will make the same broken promises he made in 2016.


Democrats Slam Trump’s ReLaunch & Record of Broken Promises

As Trump relaunched his campaign, across the battlegrounds voters are reading about his toxic agenda and record of broken promises --  including his efforts to gut coverage for preexisting conditions, his tax scam that could jeopardize Medicare and Social Security in order to give his rich and powerful friends a handout, and the good-paying jobs Americans have lost under his watch.

See for yourself:

(FL) Florida Politics: “Democrats united Tuesday morning blasting President Donald Trump as wrong for Florida on issues ranging from health care to hurricane response, and from women’s issues to climate change in preparation for his 2020 reelection campaign kickoff rally in Orlando.”

(FL) Florida Phoenix: “‘Donald Trump is a threat to the livelihoods of thousands of Floridians and must not be given a second term,’ warned U.S. Rep. Val Demings from Orlando. ‘Donald Trump’s obsession with gutting (health care) protections is not only reckless, it’s dangerous,’ [...] Soto, the first Congressman of Puerto Rican descent elected from Florida, blasted Trump for having the ‘audacity’ to begin his reelection campaign from Central Florida, saying he is no friend of the Puerto Rican community in Florida – or to the island itself.’”

(FL) Florida Politics: “‘After spending his entire Presidency threatening healthcare coverage for pre-existing conditions and looking out for his rich and powerful friends at the expense of hardworking Floridians, Orlando voters think Trump is toxic,’ said Juan Peñalosa, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party.”

(FL): Telemundo: “Según Juan Peñalosa, director ejecutivo del Partido Demócrata de Florida, una encuesta realizada la semana pasada entre 565 personas indicó que los votantes de Orlando ‘piensan que Trump es sumamente tóxico’ y lo esperarán mañana “con un simple mensaje Florida te derrotará en el 2020.’”

(WI) Wisconsin Public Radio: “The new head of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin says health care will be ‘front and center’ in the party's campaign to defeat President Donald Trump.”

(WI): Journal-Sentinel: “In a conference call with reporters Monday, state Democratic chair Ben Wikler said Trump had ‘betrayed’ working people in Wisconsin on three main issues: health care, taxes and trade, saying Trump’s tariffs had exacerbated the dire problems of dairy farmers in particular.”

(MI) MLive: “Camilleri said layoffs announced by GM earlier this year are an example that the situation isn’t as rosy as Trump makes it out to be [...] “People still feel scared, they don’t feel like they have economic security and they’re worried about the future of the auto industry.’”

(PA) The Tribune: “Democrats countered on Tuesday that Trump’s policies haven’t paid off for most Pennsylvanians. ‘As Donald Trump relaunches his campaign, Pennsylvanians are remembering what a failure the president has been for the commonwealth’s working families. His list of broken promises keeps growing, and the damaging effects of his reckless policies become clearer every day,’ said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills.”

(PA) Sunbury Daily Item: “Democrats countered on Tuesday that Trump’s policies haven’t paid off for most Pennsylvanians. [...] ‘Trump promised better health care costs, a thriving workforce, and bigger paychecks — instead, he tried to gut protections for pre-existing conditions and gave handouts to his rich and powerful friends at the expense of working Pennsylvanians.’”

(NV) Las Vegas Review-Journal“‘In 2018, Nevadans overwhelmingly rejected Trump’s toxic policies — like trying to gut coverage for pre-existing conditions and a tax scam that gave handouts to his rich and powerful friends at the expense of the middle class,’ said John Santos, western regional press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. ‘They’ll do the same in 2020 and hold him accountable for his record of broken promises.’”

(CO) Colorado Springs Gazette“Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said Trump had failed on his promises for ‘better health care, lower drug prices, massive wage increases, and tax cuts for the working class. [...] On issue after issue, he broke his promises.’”

(CO) Denver Post: “Among those not cheering and clapping Tuesday night was Morgan Carroll, chair of the Colorado Democratic Party. ‘Colorado has even more reason to reject Trump than the first time,’ she said in a statement, accusing the president of ‘empty grandstanding,’ ‘toxic rhetoric’ and a ‘reckless approach with peoples’ lives and liberties.’”

(OH) Lima News: “Democrats are seizing on Trump’s record in the first two years of his first term. ‘You only need to talk to workers who were laid off at Lordstown to understand the Trump presidency — he makes big promises he has no intention of keeping, and Ohio families get left behind,’ said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper.”

(NH) WMUR: “‘No matter who the Democratic presidential nominee is, they will fight for working Americans,’ Buckley said. ‘Trump’s policies only work for those at the top. For the ultra-wealthy, big corporations and lobbyists, there’s no question that Trump has made America great, but to the middle class he made campaign promises he simply didn’t keep.’”

(IA) The Gazette: “Trump’s trade policies and tariffs have crippled the Iowa agricultural sector, hurting not only farmers, but rural communities, Price said. Iowa farmers carry the highest level of agriculture debt in the country and stand to lose $2.2 billion in profits as a result of Trump’s policies.”

(IA) KCAU: "The statement from the party chairman Troy Price said, ‘Iowans understand what's at stake in this election and they're ready for a change… Simply put, Trump's priorities are leaving Iowans behind. His crusade to dismantle the ACA could leave hundreds of thousands of Iowans without accessible insurance, and more than one million Iowans with pre-existing conditions could lose coverage. His economic agenda added trillions of dollars to our national deficit, pushed manufacturing jobs overseas, instituted permanent tax cuts for the top one percent, and left middle-class taxpayers with the tab.’”

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