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Key point: Trump’s record of broken promises has set the stage for his defeat in Michigan. His toxic agenda was rejected by voters in 2018 and Democrats are already laying the groundwork for our eventual nominee to win the state in 2020. 

Michigan voters rejected Trump’s agenda in 2018:

  • Democrats won the Senate race by 7 points, re-electing Sen. Debbie Stabenow. 

  • Democrats won the Governor's race by 10 points, electing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. 

  • Democrats flipped 2 congressional seats, electing Reps. Elissa Slotkin and Haley Steven. 

Now Trump faces major headwinds in Michigan: 

  • Morning Consult: Trump’s net approval in Michigan has decreased 23 points since taking office.

Michigan voters will hold Trump accountable for his record of broken promises: 

  • Trump promised Michiganders “If I’m elected you won’t lose one’re going to have jobs again,” but GM announced plant closures in Detroit and Warren, costing hundreds of jobs, and Ford laid off workers in Dearborn. 

  • Trump’s tax scam will raise taxes for 1.2 million working Michigan families, gave corporations a windfall and spiked the deficit - Republicans say they might cut Medicare and Social Security to help pay for it. 

  • Trump’s health care agenda would spike costs and eliminate coverage protections for as many as 4 million Michiganders with pre-existing conditions. 

  • The Great Lakes are a source of pride, income, and recreation for all Michaganders, but Trump’s budget proposed cutting funding for the Great Lakes by 90%.  

Democrats are already laying the groundwork for our eventual nominee to defeat Trump in 2020:

  • Organizing Corps 2020: In partnership with the DNC’s Organizing Corps 2020 program Michigan Democrats have 45 organizers on the ground this summer.

  • Project 83 and the One Campaign: Michigan Democrats have 10 staffers already on the ground continuing their successful 2018 coordinated campaign. 

  • Digital Organizing, African-American Outreach And Voter Protection. Michigan Democrats have brought on a full time Director of African American Outreach, Voting Rights Director and Digital Organizing Director who are working to build general election readiness and are engaging with key constituencies. 

David Bergstein
Director of Battleground State Communications 
Democratic National Committee

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