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August 18, 2019

Dear Fellow DNC Member,    

Democrats selected Milwaukee to host our convention because of the incredible story we can tell about our values as a party, as well as Wisconsin and the midwest's critical role in beating Donald Trump. We can leave no opportunity squandered, and we won't in July of next year. As we prepare to elect our eventual Democratic nominee for president, Joe and I  have listened to state parties, DNC members, and convention experts to ensure a successful convention. This feedback has informed and guided our hotel assignment process that will:
  •  Reduce cost: In previous conventions, too few hotel rooms were secured and contracted too late, so the average room prices skyrocketed. One very large delegation ended up having an average room price of nearly $700 in Philadelphia.  This year the site selection team secured all the rooms with an additional 2,000 early on in order to reduce the price.  
  • Allow delegations to plan travel 6 month early: In previous conventions, the “lottery” system meant hotel assignments wouldn’t take place until next year, wasting valuable time and ultimately raising the cost of convention experiences. This year we have moved the process up by six months -- saving money for delegations and easing their logistical planning. When they do their initial walk through delegations can stay in the hotel they’ve been assigned and can start planning their itineraries and packages earlier.
  • Keep delegations together: In previous conventions, too many large and medium sized delegations had to be split apart across multiple hotels -- this made making logistics and planning more difficult and ultimately raised the cost for state parties. This year all delegations will be in one hotel, which makes it easier to hold their daily delegate breakfast, hold working meetings and strategy sessions for the fall and facilitate their convention logistics. 
  • Ensure delegations stay in full service hotels: In previous conventions, delegations had to spend valuable time and money making sure they were able to provide all of the services their delegations needed at their hotel sites. This year by securing a large portion of the full service hotels in advance of our convention city announcement, we have placed every delegation in a full service hotel where they cater breakfast meetings, provide lunch options for a midday respite, and can provide an option for late night food service. 
Moving this timeline up six months saves the DNC, our state parties, and our future delegations valuable time and resources, without changing any of the final outcomes. Because of the incredible work of Joe Solmonese and his team, we have already secured 17,000 hotel rooms in the area, beyond the 15,000 we need for a successful convention. These reforms ensure state parties and party leadership can get right to work building an incredible convention experience for all of you; delegates can focus on enjoying that experience when it arrives without having to pay exorbitant room rates; and all of us have more time and resources to lay the groundwork to win the presidential campaign and take Democrats across the country to victory.
We will be in touch with your state party leadership over the next week with more information about your accommodations, and Joe and his team are excited to work with each and every one of you.
See you in San Francisco. 

Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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