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Hello Adrianne, 

Yes, we'd be happy to provide these resources to your leadership team. Below are the links to our 2019 T3 Spring Series webinars. Please note that these links should not be shared beyond your leadership team

2019 T3 Webinar Recordings and Slides Links:

T3 Webinar 1: Program and Political:

Program and Political Recording

Program and Political Slides

T3 Webinar 2: Communications:

Communications Recording

Communications Slides

T3 Webinar 3: Digital I:

Digital I Recording

Digital I Slides

T3 Webinar 4: Digital II:

Digital II Recording

Digital II Slides

T3 Webinar 5: Grassroots Organizing I:

Grassroots Organizing I Recording

Grassroots Organizing I Slides

T3 Webinar 6: Grassroots Organizing II:

Grassroots Organizing II Recording

Grassroots Organizing II Slides

T3 Webinar 7: Technology I:

Technology I Recording

Technology I Slides

T3 Webinar 8: Technology II:

Technology II Recording

Technology II Slides

T3 Webinar 9: Fundraising:

Fundraising Recording

Fundraising Slides

T3 Webinar 10: Political:

Political Recording

Political Slides

T3 Webinar 11: Research:

Research Recording

Research Slides

T3 Webinar 12: T3 Program Wrap-up:

T3 Program Wrap-up Recording

T3 Program Wrap-up Slides


Cheyenne Davis

National Director


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