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Dear Current and Former DNC Member,

Wow! What a powerful and moving Democratic National Convention we concluded! I hope you are still just as excited as I was watching Vice President Biden accept the nomination to be our party's presidential nominee Thursday night. It truly was a remarkable and historic week. As a party, we demonstrated to the American people that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will help build our country back better.  As we close out the week, we wanted to share with you the major highlights of the week. 

Before we do, first let me express my deep gratitude for the DNC Members whose terms concluded Thursday night as the gavel came down to adjourn the 48th quadrennial National Convention of the Democratic Party. Thank you for your service to each of your states and our party during your terms. I hope that you stay in the fight and work with us at the DNC to ensure that we defeat Donald Trump this fall.

To our new DNC Members, I want to be the first to congratulate you on your election and welcome you to the DNC. In normal times we would have spent yesterday coming together in our first meeting where we would have gotten the opportunity to get to know one another. We will be in touch about a virtual meeting of the DNC for later this fall. In addition, with the Convention behind us, my Office is beginning to plan a series of virtual events in the coming months to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the other members, as well as to provide a Membership 101 seminar. I look forward to our work together to elect Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris and Democrats up and down the ballot. 

During our Convention this week, through a completely re-imagined roll call, we officially nominated Joe Biden as our candidate for President and Kamala Harris as our candidate for Vice President. The roll call really showed the diversity of our nation and was a moving moment for me and for so many others. 

On Tuesday, the Convention Standing Committee Reports were presented and it was announced that the Platform and Rules Committee Resolution were adopted. As you know, voting took place on August 3-15 electronically. The 2020 Democratic Party Platform was adopted with 3562 delegates voting to approve, 1069 voting no, and 87 abstentions. The Rules Committee’s Unity Resolution was adopted with 4628 delegates voting to approve, 45 voting no, and 48 abstentions. We are so thankful to the state parties for helping during the voting process. 

Throughout the Convention, we saw a number of moving videos. Here are a few that we wanted to make sure you had links to. Please feel free to use and share these:

Finally, on behalf of myself and my fellow officers, I’d like to extend a huge thanks to DNCC CEO Joe Solmonese and his team on a job well done! They pivoted and adjusted constantly but in the end produced a beautiful event that united our party around Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

While I wish we could have been together in person in Milwaukee, I’m so proud to be a member of a party that believes in science and puts the health and safety of everyone front and center. 

With 73 days until Election Day, let’s work together to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November! On to victory!


Jason Rae
Democratic National Committee

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