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NOTE 1: Read the Politico story about the letter.

NOTE 2: Link to sign on is at the end.

We welcome women of all backgrounds to join our open letter and build power together to ensure our issues our addressed and our voices heard in this election and in the next Democratic administration. Complete the form below to sign as an individual or organization.

Our statement and demands
Democratic victory in 2020 will depend on record-breaking participation by women. Women are the backbone of the Democratic party. Women are a majority of Democratic voters, volunteers and donors.

Women are not a uniform bloc. Our differences should not divide us; indeed, our diversity is our strength. To win the support of women from all of our diverse communities, candidates must reflect both our shared issues and the specific needs of each of our communities in their platforms and commit to including our voices in representative strength in government.

As women leaders from all backgrounds and communities across our country, building on calls from groups fighting for gender equity and justice, we demand that the Democratic National Committee and the presidential nominee commit to:

1) Nominate a woman to serve as Vice President of the United States and make her voice central to the campaign and administration

2) Appoint a governing majority of women in the presidential cabinet—both cabinet secretaries and political appointees at all levels including White House staff—with appointments that reflect the diversity of our communities

3) Lift up and honor the voices and leadership of women serving on your campaigns including staff and family

4) Meet with women from every community—Black; Latina; Indigenous; Asian and Pacific Islander; white; undocumented and refugee; disabled; lesbian, bi, queer and trans; urban, suburban, rural; young, old; e.g.—and develop a platform that reflects our voices

5) Invest in women-led engagement and mobilization programs

6) Make women’s economic issues a priority of the first 100 days, with a special focus on policies like paid family leave and pay equity that disproportionately affect women

Since 2017, women from all backgrounds have stood up in record numbers, driving Democratic victories. We will continue to work together to build and develop demands and programs to reach all of our communities and mobilize women in record numbers.

Our issues cannot wait. We act together to save our planet, our democracy, our communities, our healthcare, our jobs, our families and ourselves.

Progressive change is only possible—and sustainable—if women continue to participate in record numbers. We will encourage women to run for office, work to create opportunities for women to hold leadership roles in campaigns and government, and strive to break down barriers so women continue to engage in our political process.

This is only the beginning. Women are leading and standing together.

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