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March 20, 2020

Dear Fellow DNC Member,

I wanted to make sure that you saw our exciting news that will allow us to even more rapidly scale our efforts to hire the organizers and build the teams we need to defeat Donald Trump and his Republican Party. 
The Bloomberg campaign made an $18 million transfer in the DNC to support its’ Battleground Build-Up 2020 program and to continue its organizing in key states. This comes after Mayor Bloomberg and his team reflected on how best to use the remaining resources of his campaign, and is a compliment to the work of the DNC and the commitment of Mayor Bloomberg’s team to making good on his promise to do everything he can to defeat Trump. While significant in the size of the transfer, these transfers from suspended campaigns are common practice. 

The new transfer from the Bloomberg Campaign will help accelerate the hiring pace for important positions in organizing, data, and operations across the battlegrounds. Simultaneously, the Bloomberg campaign will transfer ownership of several of its former field offices to the DNC or Democratic state parties.  

As outlined in the DNC’s General Election Unity Program, the DNC is working with every former primary presidential campaign to facilitate the transition of their infrastructure into supporting Democrats’ general election efforts -- including staffing, fundraising, and other relevant elements of the campaign programs. 

Most importantly: We now have some expedited hiring to do, and we need your help. As we run a competitive hiring process to fill these newly funded positions, we continue to encourage former primary campaign staff and interested parties to submit their resume to the 2020 General Election Talent Bank. Every resume submitted will be given to the nominee or state coordinated campaign, and everyone who submits a resume to the Talent Bank will receive the DNC’s weekly Talent Bank email, which includes current job openings and training opportunities. Right now, state parties and other Democratic committees are reaching out for resumes from the Talent Bank, and we are actively trying to help all these folks get hired. We’re committed to taking this robust talent pipeline and staffing campaigns and state parties across the country. 

I am heartened every day by the extent to which people are stepping up to defeat Donald Trump — from the volunteer making an extra set of calls, to people like Mayor Bloomberg and his team who are doing it at scale. We all have a role to play, and I’m excited for our work ahead. 

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