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October 14, 2020

Trump Continues to Mislead and Downplay Coronavirus as States Set Records for New Cases 

After being hospitalized for the coronavirus, Trump has returned to misleading the American people and downplaying the threat of the virus at packed, in-person campaign rallies, even as states across the country set records for new coronavirus cases. As America enters a new wave of the pandemic, Trump continues to demonstrate the same failed leadership that has led to over 215,000 deaths and has left millions out of work. 

More than 20 states set records for new cases in recent days as the U.S. enters a third wave of the pandemic. 
Washington Post: “More than 20 states have set records for new coronavirus infections in recent days”

Public Integrity: “More than half of states are in the ‘red zone’ for new COVID-19 cases, meaning they had more than 100 new cases for every 100,000 residents, the White House Coronavirus Task Force said this week in its latest report to governors. The reports, which are not published by the White House, also said that not a single state remains in the green zone for coronavirus cases.” 
Yet Trump, after contracting the coronavirus, is baselessly claiming he is immune from the virus as he returns to hosting packed, in-person campaign events.
CNN’s Jeremy Diamond: “For the 2nd night in a row, Trump suggests he is ‘immune’ from coronavirus and could come down & kiss everybody in the crowd. People who've recovered from Covid have some level of immunity, but not clear how much or for how long. And there have been cases of reinfection”

TRUMP: “I caught it, and you fight it off. And you have to fight it off, and it’s just one of those things. And then they say you’re immune.”
Trump continues to downplay the threat of the coronavirus after privately admitting its dangers and recently being hospitalized for it. 
CNN: “Trump shuns opportunity to change tack on coronavirus approach”

CNN: “More than a week later, hopes for that type of reset have been dashed. Instead of adjusting his message, Trump appears intent on ending the general election campaign the same way he started it: downplaying the pandemic's risks, mocking those who take it seriously and attacking his rival's fitness, despite his own recent stint in the hospital.”
And the White House, instead of listening to experts and outlining a national strategy to combat the virus, is embracing a fringe “herd immunity” approach that the World Health Organization calls “unethical.” 
Washington Post: “Scientists pushing to allow the novel coronavirus to circulate freely among healthy young people until herd immunity is reached have found a receptive audience inside the White House, where officials say the controversial approach is in line with President Trump’s existing strategy. Top infectious-disease experts say the idea is unworkable and far too dangerous, and the World Health Organization recently condemned the approach as ‘unethical.’”
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