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Democrats Abroad Democratic National Committee Members

Pictured from left: J. Eastwood, C. Borde, J. Bryan, M. McDevitt-Pugh, O. Vidal, A. George, K. Sherman

Julia Bryan, International Chair, DA Czech Republic (Ex Officio)

Alexander Montgomery, International Vice Chair, DA Hong Kong (Ex Officio)

Connie Borde (2nd term), DA France

John Eastwood (2nd consecutive term), DA Taiwan

Adrianne George, DA Sweden, DA Global Caucus Coordinator

Martha McDevitt-Pugh, DA Netherlands, DA LGBT Caucus Co-Chair, (as of Oct. 2017) DNC LGBT Caucus Western Regional Representative

Ken Sherman (former International Chair and Vice Chair), DA Canada

Orlando Vidal (former International Counsel), DA UAE, DA Hispanic Caucus Ex Comm, (as of Oct 2017) DNC Hispanic Caucus Midwestern Regional Representative

Responsibilities of members include:

  • Attending DNC Meetings
  • Being an active participant in Regional Caucus
  • Being a member of DNC Constituency Caucus or Council (where applicable)
  • Sharing Information with other Democrats and public (via social media, email updates, etc.)
  • Participating in DNC fundraising efforts
  • In addition, members are encouraged to be active participants in their state and local parties.

L-R: Alexander Montgomery, DA International Vice Chair, DNC Deputy Chair Rep Keith Ellison and DA International Chair Julia Bryan on Democrats Live! in Washington, DC.