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The GPP Team asks that Country Committee (CC) Chairs use two different Google Forms to submit information about your Country Committee’s participation in the Global Presidential Primary.

Send details about each location of your CC's Voting Center(s), and each date of in-person voting at that location, using multiple submissions of the following Google Form:

Send information about your CC's overall participation in the Delegate Selection Process using another Google Form, submitted once per Country Committee Chair:

Please read the remainder of this message to ensure that you submit your information easily and accurately! This message was published on the DPCA-Leadership listserv and will be emailed directly to Country Committee Chairs as well.

Submitting information about your CC's Voting Centers

Voting Centers are where Democrats living abroad living in your country will cast in-person ballots in the Global Presidential Primary during the period from March 1 through March 8, 2016. Our Delegate Selection Plan requires Country Committee (CC) Chairs to submit some information about the Voting Centers within their countries by December 31. Please see the “Deadlines and Decisions” document for detailed descriptions.

The GPP Team will collect the information about Voting Centers (on behalf of Katie Solon, International Chair) using a Google Form. A CC’s Chair will submit a separate form for each Voting Center and each period of time the Voting Center is open.

For example, let’s say DA-Freedonia will have Voting Centers in Avalon and Kakariko. Both those Voting Centers will be open during two periods: from 2pm to 10pm local time on Tuesday March 1, and 6pm to 8pm on Sunday March 6. Thus, the CC Chair of DA-Freedonia must submit four (4) forms in total.

Each form prompts you for the date, time, and exact location of a Voting Center, as well as contact information for the specific Voting Center Manager. Please use the following link to submit each form:

If you make a mistake or change plans before December 31, simply re-submit the form and answer the final question, "Yes, this is a change or correction." After December 31, changes will be handled one-by-one.

Submitting information about your CC's overall participation in the Delegate Selection Plan

Each CC Chair must also submit a distinct form answering a few questions about his or her CC’s participation in the Delegate Selection Plan. That form asks for:

  1. contact information about the individual designated to answer ballot requests
  2. contact information about the individual designated to receive completed ballots by post
  3. whether your CC will hold a First-Tier Caucus
  4. whether your CC requested waiver(s) from any of the requirements to participate in the delegate selection process

Like the Voting Center Forms, this form must be submitted by December 31, and early submissions are welcome. Please use the following link for your CC’s form:

Please do not hesitate to contact Will Bakker or Shari Temple for help with this process. If your questions are not sensitive or singular, please use the GPP Questions page so that all DA leaders benefit:

We appreciate your prompt submission of these forms, which will allow us time to verify all the information we receive.


Best regards,
The GPP Team
Bill Barnard
Jim Mercereau
Tom Schmid
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