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This page brings together the growing set of resources for the upcoming primary.

Remote Ballot Wardens: Emailed Instructions 11 Mar 2016

Please note that Remote Ballot Tally Sheets were sent directly to Remote Ballot Wardens and CC chairs.

Instructions for Voting Centers

The Guide for Voting Center Managers (PDF, 38 pages) – required reading for all CC leaders and Voting Center volunteers

The checklists in the Guide, available as an Excel file:


Documents for use in Voting Centers

  1. Regular Ballot (specimen only)
  2. Provisional Ballot (specimen only)
  3. Join Form for Democrats Abroad with receipt
  4. Rules of the Global Presidential Primary - must be posted in every voting center

Optional but helpful documents for Voting Centers (e.g. posters)

  1. Why do we sign our ballots? - answers to a question Voting Center Managers are likely to hear


Remote Voting, beginning January 11

The following documents are crucial for all Democrats Abroad leaders handling Remote Ballots in the GPP. Anyone promoting or educating voters about Remote Voting in the GPP should also review these documents.

Promoting the Global Presidential Primary

Click here for a page dedicated to press releases, global email blasts, talking points, and sample language for promoting the Global Presidential Primary

Information on Voting Centers compiled to date

GPP: Deadlines and Decisions for Country Committee Chairs


The Global Presidential Primary (GPP) Team distributed this document on November 7 as a resource for Country Committee leaders planning for their part in the DSP. Most of the decisions must be made and communicated to the International Chair by December 31, 2015. Questions are always welcome, particularly via the Q&A page in the wiki.



Questions and Answers about the Global Presidential Primary


On this page, you can pose questions of your own, and look through other questions and answers to learn more about the details of the primary. Topics covered include:

Other resources

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