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This page will be used to make available the posters, presentations, and background materials for the EMEA regional meeting 2019. The model is the "Madrid 2018 Presentations" page elsewhere on this wiki.

Please note that the Recordings from WebEx are hosted on Will's google-drive account. If you would like a permanent archive for yourself, please download the linked video files.

Posters from the meeting site

Not yet organized! Please see the file list below.

Presentations from Saturday

24 minutes

Welcome and Community Agreements

49 minutes

2020 Big Picture: How We Win

52 minutes

Workshop on Global Presidential Primary (GPP) planning

25 minutes

DA Caucuses for the Win in 2020

18 minutes

DAUK Tax Day Learnings

34 minutes

Global Women's Caucus (Breakout Session)

Presentations from Sunday

40 minutes

Leading Together: Kindness and Courage

33 minutes

Defending Democracy: Lessons from the Athenians, by Brady Kiesling

25 minutes

Planning ahead for 2020: Voter Registration and GOTV (and Study Abroad)

41 minutes

How to Build and Run Your VR Team (Breakout Session)

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