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The following documents describe bids from three cities in the region: Athens, Amsterdam, and Vienna. The proposed dates for all three locations are 11 October 2019 - 13 October 2019.

Recording of regional call with bid presentations:


Athens, submitted by DA Greece


Amsterdam, submitted by DA Netherlands


Vienna, submitted by DA Austria with support from DA Hungary


Other documents

 Description of the Bid Selection Process

As posted by Will Bakker to the EMEA email list, 4 June 2019.

1. Online voting on the bids will open shortly after I distribute the recording of Wednesday's regional call on the EMEA regional email list. (There will be a separate email message with instructions on voting.) 

2. Discussion of the bids on the EMEA regional email list is permitted until voting opens, although I encourage you to wait until the three bidding CCs have an opportunity to provide additional information and answer questions on the regional call. I hope that all discussion of these bids will be courteous and constructive. (If you're not interested in that discussion, we all appreciate your patience while you delete the emails for less than 48 hours.)

3. On the regional call Wednesday evening, after about 20 minutes of announcements including an overview of the bid selection process, each bidding CC will give presentations of about 10 minutes followed by Q&A with the group, with the whole time not to exceed 20 minutes for each bid.

4. Every vote will count equally and each elected DA leader at the CC and chapter levels will be permitted to cast one ballot. DA's DNC members and global officers residing in EMEA will also be permitted to cast one ballot each. (On this difficult decision to limit the voting group, please see my note below.)

5. We will use strict Ranked Choice Voting for the ballot (a google-form) and to tabulate the results. With Ranked Choice Voting, we will have a definitive result with no runoffs. (Single-winner RCV is also known as instant-runoff voting.)

6. Voting will remain open until 6pm DC time on June 12 unless there is a technical snafu. I will ask CC chairs to distribute the link to the ballot to all eligible voters, in case some are not yet on the EMEA regional email list.

7. I will announce results first to the three chairs of the bidding CCs and shortly thereafter to the email list.

Note on eligible voters: I know that many of the attendees of the coming regional meeting are not in elected positions. I respect the arguments of those who observed in 2017 and more recently that we should widen this decision as far as possible.

The aim of this rule is not to exclude any members of DA from the meeting and particularly not to discourage those who want to participate as volunteers or local committee members.

This rule is based on my access to easily verifiable information about who holds an official role in this region's CCs. I believe it is impractical and arbitrary for the regional team to try to determine whether ballots have been cast by "active" members of a CC or chapter.

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