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Comment here to introduce yourself to the other attendees.

Please "sign" your comment with your name and where you reside (i.e. your Country Committee).

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  1. Hi! I'm Will Bakker. I vote in Illinois and live in Luxembourg.

    I'm the Regional Vice Chair for this region, so I'll be in the meeting room in Athens. Thank you to everyone who is participating by WebEx. The WebEx team put a lot of effort into preparing to make this meeting as accessible as possible for WebEx, and we've got a fancy setup in the room.

    Still, it all takes a bit of luck and patience! Talk to you soon...

    Will Bakker, Luxembourg

  2. Howdy, I'm Kat and I'm just intruding in on the EMEA meeting.  (smile)  I'm the RVC in Asia Pacific, Will's counterpart on this side of the globe.  I live in Hamilton, New Zealand and vote in Virginia.  AP will be holding an online workshop in a few weeks and I am really keen to hear all the great presentations this weekend.  As for when I became a Democrat, well, I can't really recall a time when I wasn't.  My parents were both very politically active and I was trailing my mother knocking on doors for candidates when I was a kid.  It's in my blood.

  3. Hi, I'm Pauline Manos, Chair of DA Belgium - discovered DAB five years ago when I saw an announcement for an AGM on Facebook, went to check it out out of curiosity, having just ended my 23-year marketing career at P&G, and the rest is history (wink) I'm also an abashed Greek-American, feeling major Greek guilt that I'm not in Athens with everyone, but with far too much travel for my consulting work this fall, I figured I'd better at least carve out dinners with my husband this weekend. I hope you all love Greece and are tempted to return for future visits!

  4. Anonymous

    I'm Liz Voss. I'm the Secretary for DA Switzerland. I vote in Illinois.

    Happy to be at the EMEA regional meeting this weekend! Looking forward to all the great information we'll be getting!

    (Also helping out as a WebEx mod!) 

  5. Hi I'm Rebecca Lammers, DPCA voting member for DAUK. I live in London and vote in Ohio. I've been active with DA for the last 2 years. I am chair of the DAUK Tax Committee and I am also a member of the DA Taxation Task Force. I am attending the meeting on WebEx this weekend. 

  6. Anonymous

    Hi.  I'm John Scardino. Live in London. Vote in Washington, DC.

    Great presentation on the Big Picture, Julia! Thanks also to Will and all those involved in running the EMEA Athens meeting.  

    I volunteer with the DAUK media team and have been a supporter here for nearly 20 years.  Although I vote in DC, my home state is GA and I've been involved there forever, starting as an aide to a Congressman from Atlanta and working in the press office of a candidate for governor back in the day when GA was still a solid blue state.   I've seen how successful the other party has been in capturing the south through state and local elected offices and by gerrymandering. It's critical that DA continue our efforts at that level.  Successes like the election of the FL Agriculture Commissioner are vital!

  7. Anonymous

    Greetings from the land of #NoHumanIsLimited!  We're all realing in Kenya with inspiration and pride after Eliud Kipchoge's miraculous 1:59:40 marathon run yesterday...I call on my fellow Democrats, abroad and stateside, to lead like Eliud - clearly set our goals, don't compare to what others have done, be each others' pace makers, be disciplined, have fun and win!

    We are gearing up here in Kenya to have an active election cycle with close involvement in the Women's and Black Caucuses.

    Wishing all a productive meeting this weekend in Athens!

  8. Anonymous excited I forgot to mention my name!

    I'm Robyn T. Emerson and I'm ably served with my partner-in-leadership Lilly Piper