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Dates: 9-11 February 2018

Hosted by the Madrid Chapter of DA-Spain

The items below are, for now, roughly in need-to-know order. Please contact for details or questions about this meeting.

ALL members of Democrats Abroad are welcome to join this meeting. You can feel free to inform and invite members now of the dates and general expectations for the meeting.

The registration for this meeting is available through February 4th at

Registration for additional events in Madrid, February 9th and 10th

Latest additions

Key Documents:

Directions to the Hotel Santo Domingo ("Arriving in Madrid" PDF document)

Welcome Document sent to registrants, 5 Feb 2018

Addresses document:

Booking form for the Meeting's Hotel: Special room prices no longer available; check online or call.

Hotel Santo Domingo
C/San Bernardo, 1
28013 Madrid
Phone: 00 34 915 592 216

First Announcement from DA-Spain

This essential document has a great deal of information to help you plan your travel and accommodations. It is an overview of the best information on the meeting as of December 14th.

Bid documents: slides and narrative document from Madrid's bid, as presented in October 2017.

Announcements and other Messages

Stream the Dec 6 EMEA regional call to hear Q&A about the Madrid meeting with DA-Spain Madrid Chapter Chair Mike Presiado

There are a variety of ad-hoc tasks with any DA meeting, such as taking photographs, staffing the registration table, and welcoming newcomers to DA. If you'd like to know more about these opportunities, please complete this very short form:

 Message to leaders, Feb 2

Dear EMEA leaders,

Jim Mercereau and the Madrid team created a document of advice for getting to the Hotel Santo Domingo when you arrive in Madrid. You'll find that document attached here as well as on the DA wiki:

Hotel Santo Domingo is the site for the meeting itself as well as the hotel with a special rate for DA attendees. Jim's advice for those staying outside of that neighborhood is to use Madrid's Metro system, and the map in the attached document will help with that too.

On last night's call, some leaders suggested that attendees may want to coordinate transportation or share rooms. Here's a google-document that may help with that:

The permissions on this document are set so that anyone may add a line or change it. I hope that this helps you find one another in Madrid... but please note that I'm not going to monitor or moderate this document at all.

If it seems to be working well over the next day or so, I'll distribute it to everyone who is formally registered for the meeting, so please keep that in mind when adding your personal information.

Finally, remember that the DEADLINE TO REGISTER is this Sunday!


 Tentative program posted 29 Dec 2017

9-11 February 2018, Madrid

Saturday 900-920

Reports from caucuses, focused on support for CCs

Coffee Break (with Poster Session)

Presentation on GOTV and Phonebanking from Global GOTV Committee

"Road to November": Core Workshop on CC- & Chapter-level Planning

Lunch on site

Core Workshop continued

Panel on diverse approaches to Ballot-Request Services and GOTV

Coffee Break

Madrid-based community presentation

Parallel Sessions: two 30-minute segments, five different options

Outro: announcements and short topics

Sunday 900-945
Workshop on identities and working together

Presentation by Global Comms including social media

Coffee Break

NationBuilder exemplars for blogs and events + efficient workflow

Fundraising at local and global levels & legal compliance

 Note on sharing rooms, 19 Nov 2017

First, thanks to Jim for posting this information to help us plan early. If you didn't read the attached PDF yet, please take a moment because there's a lot of useful information there.

For those who are looking to keep costs as low as possible, sharing a room or AirBnB (note below) accommodations is a great way to do that. Plus, you'll have lots of extra chances to exchange ideas with a fellow DA leader (or three). Please feel free to seek out "roomies" on this listserv because its rules aren't as strict as the moderation on DPCA-Leadership.


(Some of your fellow leaders observe that AirBnB is considered to have a harmful business model in many municipalities; you may want to consider other options.)

 Request to complete survey, Dec 2017
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