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Resolutions Submitted for Consideration – May 2017

Final version distributed by the International Secretary, April 28, 2017

Resolutions proposed by members for the General Meeting of the DPCA, May 13-15, 2017

Resolution Proposing the Adoption by the Democratic Party of a “Compact with the American People on Election Reform”

Attachment: Compact with the American People for Election Reform              

Resolution to utilize more proactively as a GOTV tool              


Dear DPCA Members,

The Resolutions Committee reviewed all texts for consistency, redundancy and clarity, in the interests of favoring an efficient review prior to voting at the International Meeting in May. We will give the report of our committee at the upcoming global meeting, with detailed recommendations regarding the two proposed resolution. The authors of each resolution consented to the text presented here.

DPCA Resolutions Committee: Susan Vaillant, Carol Adamson, Rick Wicks, Will Bakker

Resolution Proposing the Adoption by the Democratic Party of a “Compact with the American People on Election Reform”

Authored by Ben Sandidge (DA-Germany). Proposal by a DPCA member not yet confirmed.

Whereas the Electoral College system of electing the president and vice president of the United States does not conform to the democratic principle of “one person, one vote”;

Whereas the reconfiguration of legislative districts after decennial censuses is presently carried out in most states by the majority party in a partisan way;

Whereas, by virtue of the Supreme Court decision Citizens United , campaign spending by super PACs is currently construed to be a form of free speech and therefore unlimited;

Whereas there is currently no single standard, applicable to all states, for voting machines, and there have been many cases of voting machines failing to record votes accurately;

Whereas current practices regarding such key issues as voter identification, the extent to which voters are permitted to vote absentee, poll opening hours, as well as the scheduling of elections, vary widely and are in many instances not voter-friendly;

Whereas, in the history of U.S. elections, there have been multiple incidents of presidential candidates negotiating with foreign powers in order to increase the candidate's likelihood of being elected;

Therefore be it resolved that the Democratic Party be urged to adopt the attached “ Compact with the American People for Election Reform ” and to establish the procedures necessary for distributing it on a regular basis to all Democratic candidates for office as well as officeholders, with the goal of getting as many of them as possible to sign it, without, however, employing any form of coercion or monitoring.

Furthermore, be it resolved that the designated officer of the DNC keep an archive of the signed Compacts and make a regularly updated list of the signees available as a matter of public record.

Attachment: Compact with the American People for Election Reform

As mentioned in the Resolution above

As an elected public official or candidate for political office, I hereby pledge to my constituents and to all the citizens of the United States of America that during my tenure of office I will consistently endorse, support and vote for measures that will effectively bring about democratic reform of our election system, specifically with respect to the following objectives:

1)   reforming the electoral college system of electing the president in a way that will more accurately reflect the principle “one person, one vote”;

2)   establishing a reasonable, science-based, non-partisan system of re-shaping congressional districts reflecting demographic changes;

3)   working to overturn Citizens United and limiting campaign contributions to private, natural persons exclusively;

4)   establishing uniform federal standards with regard to voting machines, including effective anti-hacking and anti-manipulation precautions, voter-friendly operation, and requiring ballots that can be recounted if necessary;

5)   establishing a national standard for state voter ID's to be used for federal elections based solely on voter registration—at no cost to voters—including signature and photo, making it easier for voters to vote and, by virtue of an interstate database, also easier to identify any cases of voter fraud; furthermore, requiring all federal elections to be conducted on weekends while expanding the availability of mail-in voting;

6)   Deterring and/or prosecuting all attempts to manipulate U.S. elections by foreign or domestic entities, and all negotiations by U.S. candidates or their surrogates with foreign powers in order illegally to enhance their chances of being elected, by mandating that U.S. intelligence services immediately make any concrete, actionable evidence of such activities available to both the Attorney General and to the relevant oversight bodies of the United States Congress.

I also pledge to oppose any measures that hinder the attainment of these goals. I sign this Compact freely in support of this Democratic initiative, and give the DNC my full permission to publish my name on a list of signees as a matter of public record.

office held/candidate for: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Signed: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Resolution to utilize more proactively as a GOTV tool

Authored by Ed Ungar (DA-Canada). Proposed by Ed Ungar and Steve Nardi (DA-Canada).

Whereas (VFA)   has proven itself to be an extremely crucial and valuable get out the vote tool, and

Whereas so much effort to the design and support of VFA has been contributed by Democrats Abroad members - it is therefore imperative that the potential of an ever more perfect VFA be realized.

Whereas at the start of every election cycle, Democrats Abroad must wait until prospective voters initiate contact with or another overseas voter registration site before they can apply for a ballot.

Whereas because of this state of affairs we start from point zero at the beginning every election, and

Whereas in midterms our voter participation often drops significantly than our presidential year performance, so it is imperative that the DPCA must act to give us a base of many thousands at the start of every election instead of a base of zero.

Whereas it is therefore imperative that Democrats Abroad use VoteFromAbroad as a proactive GOTV tool.

Therefore be it resolved that the DPCA is instructed to configure VFA to send out, either by email attachment or by link, a substantially filled out request for an overseas absentee ballot.

Members would have to supply updated information if any, and their own last four digits of their social security number. Each member or VFA user must be contacted by email and/or by phone bank to offer this service and obtain their permission to do this. Also newly registering users of VFA can click a permission granting button on the VFA site This can be funded by a combination of general DA funds and by dedicated fundraising for this project.


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