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18 May 2020

At the 2020 Asia Pacific Regional Convention on 16 May 2020, electors discussed and voted to adopt 13 resolutions:

16 May 2020

Please find below the resolutions for consideration at the 2020 AP Regional Convention. With support from the Resolutions Subcommittee of the AP Credentials and Rules Committee and Global Platform Committee Co-Chair Aaron Kruse, the chair of the convention, Kat Allikian, has approved all of the resolutions below for consideration, time permittingThe resolutions are listed in the order of consideration proposed by the chair of the convention.

The draft platform is available to all on the DA website:

Multiple duplicate submissions were received, and these were combined with the first qualified elector submitting the proposed being listed as the submitter.  Three resolutions were rejected because they did not meet the criteria for inclusion as resolutions; the author of the rejected resolutions has been contacted.

Suggested text submitted to amend the draft platform has been removed, as such suggestions are better addressed through the draft platform feedback form:

Following the AP resolutions pre-meeting held on 14 May 2020, some resolution text was amended by the original drafters and re-submitted.  Resolution text, therefore, may differ from the original resolutions that were approved by the convention chair.  The original approved resolutions can be found here: Texts of the original resolutions approved by the AP Regional Convention Chair

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