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Asia Pacific Regional Convention - 16 May 2020

Helpful resources

NEW: WebEx how-to video

NEW: OpaVote how-to video

Conventions 101 webinar: Presentation slides and WebEx recording link

Elector Training:  AP Elector training session slides and WebEx recording link

Candidate Training:  AP Candidate training slides and WebEx recording link

Key External Links

The Google Group for Candidates and Electors:!forum/2020delcandidate-meet-elector

Public statements by Candidates for DNC member (all regions):

Public statements by Candidates for delegate (all regions, all presidential preferences):

Agenda for the Regional Convention

The regional convention involves three (3) required major tasks and a few procedural reports. At every step, all electors will have the continuous opportunity to participate in the proceedings online.

Please review the Delegate Selection Plan for details of the agenda items required at the Regional Convention.  The tentative detailed agenda for the AP Regional Convention can be found by following this link.

1. Procedures

Each elector must be registered as a supporter of a presidential candidate who met the 15% threshold and did not withdraw specifically from the DA delegate selection process: Senator Sanders and Vice-President Biden met this threshold.  The "Credentials and Rules Committee" for the regional convention reports on this registered list of electors, the weight of each elector's vote, and the rules for elections. This committee also resolves any disputes and reports on the results. (There were procedural disputes in 2016 as well as challenges to credentials.)

The quorum for the meeting is 40% of the electors who do not opt out of the convention.  Electors may opt out until roll call.

2. Election of 2020 - 2024 AP DNC Member

Each region elects one DNC member by absolute majority, which may require multiple rounds of voting by ALL electors regardless of their presidential preferences.

3. Presidential Preference Group (PPG) - Sanders

The convention will divide into as many groups as there are presidential candidates who have been allocated delegates from the AP region. In our case, we have been allocated one delegate, so there will be only one PPG for Sanders.  Those who are not electors for Sanders will not be active participants in the election of the AP Sanders delegate but may observe the proceedings.  The PPG will elect a chair, receive report(s) on goals for affirmative action, and elect the one delegate as allocated by the results of the primary.

Voting for the AP Sanders delegate will be by two rounds of Ranked Choice Voting.  We will use a platform called OpaVote and distribute instructions on how to vote in advance. We will also have training sessions with live voting using the system.  In the past, there have been speeches by candidates at various points; for 2020, the number and length of speeches will be set ahead of the meeting.

4. Platform Committee Members and Regional Resolutions

We come back together as a full convention, with all electors voting, to elect two members to the Platform Committee of the Global Convention, discuss and adopt items for submission to the Platform Committee, and any other business as necessary.

Timing of the Regional Convention



23 MarchOne delegate assigned to the AP region for Senator Sanders
24 MarchApplications for delegate available
13 AprilCertification of electors for regional convention
17 AprilDue date for delegate applications
23 April (11:59 PM IST)Due date to opt-in as an elector and express presidential preference
24 AprilDue date for campaigns to approve candidates for delegate
16 MayAP Regional Convention

Key Documents & Resources

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