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  • Report out to Global Caucus Leaders on activities of Hispanic Caucus

Discussion items

  • We now have 270+ members and growing
  • Recently did a survey of our leaders and these issues emerged as most important to us, and will inform our work going forward:  Clean DREAM Act, Voting Rights, Stopping Rollback of Birth Control Coverage
  • We have been encouraging our members to get out the vote, remind friends & family back home about ACA signups, calling members of congress on issues that are important to them
  • We have begun using - a tool that allows users to "crowdsource" translations.  We are working on translating pages from the Democrats Abroad website as well as current news into Spanish.  We've recently added two new translators from within the HC to assist with this work.
  • There is now a DA Hispanic Caucus Facebook page as of last week.  Carlos Colao [Spain] is the HC Social Media Coordinator.
  • Our fundraising effort is to raise $20K to translate into Spanish.  Have not fully launched this initiative yet - hope to do so in the new year.
  • Next big project is to secure a Hispanic/Latinx speaker to do a webinar for Democrats Abroad. We are working with Julia to coordinate.

Action items

Look for shared project with one or more of the other Global Caucuses