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Here are some guidelines and instructions for managing the LVD process:

Guidelines for  Last Verified Date Setting and Deleting Members
General Guidelines
Last Verified Date   
Verification implies that you can confirm the member is still living in the country.  The Last Verified Date is the date that they or you last confirmed they are still a DA member living in your country.  It does not mean that you are confirming that all their contact information is correct although that is desirable.
Delete Member   
Deletions implies the member is no longer a member of Democrats Abroad anywhere in the world.  A member should only be deleted if (1) they asked to be removed completely from DA, (2) they died,  (3) they moved back to US and do not want to be a member of the US Alumni group, (4) they are a duplicate of a member already in the database, or (5) it is determined they are not a US citizen.
Example ScenariosOK to VerifyOK to DeleteComments
Snail Mail sent and not returnedNoNoThe person may have died but family still lives there.  The person may have moved and the new resident just trashed the email.   Postage was not paid for returned mail.
Snail Mail sent and returnedNoDependsDelete if their email is on-hold AND there are no working phone numbers; e.g., their phone number has been disconnected or clearly belongs to someone else..
An email does not bounceNoNoA working email does not imply that the person still lives in the country.
Receive email with country contact info in the signatureYesNo 
Receive email (or other indication) that they have returned to USANoDependsCheck first to see if they would like to remain on the US Alumni group and receive global emails before deleting.  If yes, then follow the membership manual instructions on how to move people to the USA.
Respond to an emailDependsDependsIf the response implies they are still in country, then OK to verify. 
If the response is they want to be deleted as a member, then delete.
If answering machine answers and includes the person's nameYesNo 
If answering machine answers and does not include the person's name NoNo 
Complete Robo Call where the member verified they were a member by their responseYesNo 
Person wrote that they moved to another Abroad countryYesNoFollow the membership manual instructions on how to move people another country.
You know the person and that they live in your countryYesNo 
The person attends a DA meeting or eventYesNo 
The person put a "I plan to Return" date when they joined that has passedNoNoMany people stay beyond their planned return date so should still contact them
You read or hear about their deathNoYesAssuming it is from a reliable source
You have no working email, no valid address, no working phone number, and cannot find anything current about them on GoogleNoYesIf there is no way that DA can contact a person, they should be deleted
They asked to stop receiving emailsDependsDependsIf their email says they moved back to US, delete them.  If they opt-out, ask if they are willing to receive phone calls or letters.  If they want no communication from us, delete them.  If they still want to be a member, just no emails, and confirm they still live in your country, then OK to verify them.


1 Comment

  1. Hello Verified Members 
    Canada ExCom just had a meeting. to discuss the LVD in great detail. And we did note an option not listed in the scenarios. Those of us who are heavy Facebook users, know without a doubt, by interacting with fellow members, that they are still in Canada, and can be verified. I know that scenario doesn't verify any contact information, but that is not a requirement, just desirable. I suppose that would be the same for other social media, just that I don't tweet or tumble. 
    Also I didn't bring this up in the meeting. But just to point out something about the people who are automatically verified. 
    #1 - I feel that list ought to be included in this post.
    #2 - In that list of automatically verfied it says members are automatically verified when we send in a batch of updates. 
    It really needs to be clear that changes do not = verfied 
    i.e. Batch updates where the LVD is updated.
    Thanks for all your work.
    The batch update makes me do the happy dance just thinking abou it,