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Administrator Requests Form

(scroll down on this page to see Google Form input fields.)

Dear Country Chairs, Vice-Chairs or membership managers,

Following is the procedure to request Admin rights/permissions to the country/chapter database and/or website.

Admins (Web content and/or database managers) do not necessarily need to be elected officers and likewise neither do all elected officers need to have admin rights. This all depends on your country or chapter organization. It is best to recruit people with the requisite skills for each type of task.

Here are the steps to request and acquire Admin rights: 

Confidentiality Agreement (CA) form:
All officers, admins or members who will potentially have access to information on DA  members (from country officers to phone bankers) must download the confidentiality form (CA), then upload a signed copy (scanned or a good clear photo). See Confidentiality Agreement Uploads page.

Admin Requests:
ALL requests for admin permissions must be submitted by the Country Committee Chair (whether outgoing, incoming or already in place) or RVC. Please fill in the request form (below on this page) here; it is crucial in helping us organize who has access to what and also who receives which message(s).

Training materials and certification:
Potential and present admins can find training slide on Training Materials on Website-Emails-Membership page and certification tests.
Please inform when you’ve taken the test so we can check the certification quiz results.

Let us know if you have the slightest question.  No question is silly, and your queries often help us discover an unknown issue.

All the best,
Gail Fagen & Karen Frankenstein
Global Helpdesk Team

Request Admin Access to DA Website and Membership Database

Fill in the DA Admin Access Requests form below.

  1. The "DA Website and MembDB Admin Requests" form below must be submitted by the Country Committee Chair or Regional Vice-Chair
  2. The signed "DA Confidentiality Agreement" must be uploaded by the New Admin into the Confidentiality Agreement Uploads


Once the Admin Access Request form has been completed with the "Submit" button above, a signed "DA Confidentiality Agreement" must be uploaded to the

Confidentiality Agreement Uploads page





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