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DA Core Reference Documents

Current DPCA Charter - May 2018

DPCA Charter - as currently in force, last amended May 2018


 Download: Democrats Abroad Charter-revApr2019.docx

The Bylaws review committee will shortly have a thoroughly audited and updated version of the DPCA Charter available here.


  1. Where is the DPCA handbook?

  2. That is an excellent question.  Anyone have an answer as to where the handbook resides?  Is there a handbook?

    1. The answer is: Yes, there is (was) a DPCA handbook, and it is still accessible under the sub-page here:

      Archived Charter and Older Resource Documents

      BUT, this document (a sizable piece of work, and valuable as a historical reference) was last edited/updated back in 2012, so much of the information is now obsolete.  Several portions of the document that HAVE been updated since then are available on this page or elsewhere in this wiki space.

      If you have specific document requests, that you cannot find here, please let us know.

      (Also, if you are commenting under the DPCA general login address, then please post your name and CC at the end of your message (smile) ) -merrill DA Hungary