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The Travel Fund is contribution-based.  We actively encourage all members who are able to do so to donate to this fund.  Details about the governance of the fund and the classification of donations can be found below or in the Committee's Mission and Procedures document.

You may donate to the fund in one of two ways:

  1. Go to the DONATE section on the Democrats Abroad website and select "2020 Travel Fund" as the Contribution Purpose
  2. Contribute on the donation section of the DPCA Global Meeting registration page (not yet live)

If you wish to make a recurring donation to the Travel Fund, please contact the International Treasurer who can assist you. 

Thank you for any contribution you are able to provide!  The more contributions we receive, the more awards we can distribute!

As stipulated in the Travel Fund Committee's procedures:

Contributions to the DPCA Travel Fund shall be considered to be ordinary donations to the DPCA. Thus, contributions to the Travel Fund must be governed by the usual laws and regulations (e.g. from US citizens only, not anonymous, not in excess of campaign limits).

The Travel Fund does not require a separate bank account. It is sufficient that the International Treasurer keep a separate accounting of donations to, and disbursements from, the Travel Fund. The International Treasurer should give a separate report to DPCA members on the financial status and activities of the Travel Fund.

The DPCA Executive Committee may not authorize disbursements from the Travel Fund for any purpose other than Travel Fund Awards, as described below, except as follows: The DPCA Executive Committee may make a one-time disbursement from the Travel Fund for an emergency purpose, by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee, and with timely notice to all DPCA members and prominence in the International Treasurer’s annual report.

The International Treasurer establishes and maintains the means of accepting donations to the Travel Fund. The International Chair has responsibility (which may be delegated) for promoting both voluntary contributions to the Travel Fund and the process of applying for Travel Fund Awards.

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