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Reminder: Travel Fund awards for the 2019 Global Meeting in Washington DC

Hi again-

The deadline for Travel Fund applications is fast approaching.  Applications must be received no later than Tuesday, 05 March 2019 at 10:00 PM EST.  Details and links are in the original message below.

Two requests:

Please be sure to share information about the Travel Fund with your members.  ALL DA members are eligible to apply, not just those in elected positions.

If you are able, please DONATE to the Travel Fund.  The Fund cannot exist without your generous support, no matter the size of your donation.

Cheers from the Travel Fund Committee,

Danielle, David, Kari, and Kat

Hi DA Leaders-

In 2014, the DPCA voted to adopt a resolution establishing an internal travel fund to provide stipends to members who have shown commitment to Democrats Abroad and who have financial need to offset the costs of travel to our annual Global Meetings.  We are a stronger organization when we have diverse in-person participation, and this fund is designed to increase the likelihood of physical attendance by individuals and country committees that have historically been under-represented at our global events due to financial constraints. 

With great thanks to the International Executive Committee, and to everyone who will make donations to the Travel Fund, we are pleased to be able to award three awards of $500 each for 2019

If you are able, please be sure to donate to this fund by going to the DONATE page of the DA website and selecting "2019 Travel Fund" as the Contribution Purpose.

Every contribution helps, whether it's $10 or $500.

We really need your help to keep the Travel Fund going.

We are now accepting Travel Fund applications for the Global Meeting in Washington DC (17-19 May 2019).  All members of Democrats Abroad who have not received a Travel Award in the past five years are eligible to apply. 

Any member of Democrats Abroad may apply.  One does not need to be a DPCA Voting Member or hold an elected position to apply, but anyone not in an elected position must provide at least one letter of reference from an elected DPCA member at the time of application.

Please be sure to pass this information on to those in your membership who otherwise may not consider attending the meeting in Washington due to financial limitations.

Completed applications are due to the Committee Chair by 10:00 PM EST, 05 March 2019.  We aim to notify recipients no later than 6:00 PM EDT 14 March 2019.

All information, including our Mission and Procedures and the 2019 application form can be found on the Travel Fund page of the Wiki.

Award recipients will be notified immediately upon selection, but please note that the stipends will be distributed as reimbursements given directly to the recipients during the 2019 Global Meeting in Washington DC.  Full in-person attendance, barring a verifiable emergency, is required to receive the award.  

Recipients will be required to submit travel receipts to the International Treasurer and Travel Fund Committee Chair no later than 03 May 2019.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  And please help keep the Travel Fund alive by DONATING.

Best regards from the Travel Fund Committee,

Kari Hiepko-Odermann (DA-Ukraine)

Danielle Stampley (DA-Canada)

David White (DA-Lion City)

Kat Allikian (DA-New Zealand), Committee Chair

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