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Step-by-step guide - DA WebEx Meeting Flow - Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some have asked for the general steps regarding a DA WebEx meeting.  Below is a simple representation of the steps. 

This is a working document to help delineate the steps involved in creating and managing a DA WebEx meeting. 

This is meant for support level folks. 

(NOTE: this appears much more complex than it is).  

All input welcome!  Byron


    • Test meeting link:
    • Ensure audio connection (mic/headset)
    • If using PC mic/speakers user needs to be aware that any keyboard typing or other ambient noise will be heard by all.  The noise will interfere with the meeting.
    • Please use PC audio if at all possible. However, a phone # is available when needed.
    • User needs to have a basic understanding of WebEx panels (participant, chat, view pane, etc prior to the meeting.
  • Request
    • HOST sends meeting schedule request to WebEx ADMIN (Merrill/Byron/Etc)
    • One week in advance where possible.  Last minute requests are OK assuming calendar and resources are available
    • Topic, Date, Time (EST), Time (Local time), Duration in hours, password (simple), host name
    • All requests are in EST
  • Schedule
    • ADMIN checks for schedule conflict.  If none, schedules the meeting
    • WEBEX creates 2 emails: HOST & PARTICIPANT
    • EMAILs
      • ADMIN forwards both emails to requester (HOST)
      • HOST forwards PARTICIPANT emails to attendees
      • Roles
        • HOST manages the meeting, can mute anyone's audio, assigns PRESENTER role(s)
        • PRESENTERS create/manage & share materials
          • Note:  Materials may be managed by one PRESENTER or PRESENTER role can be passed to various (passing the ball)
        • Participants listen and view
        • Everyone can chat, speak (unless muted), listen and view 
  • Kickoff
    • WEBEX automatically starts the meeting 15 minutes prior to scheduled start.  Or, ADMIN manually starts meeting if neededJoin
    • PARTICIPANTS join via link supplied in the email or from DA WebEX website
    • Note: a common issue is when people try to join the wrong meeting.  It's easy to get confused. Please ensure the meeting is for the time/date/topic you intend
  • Meeting
    • HOST introduces topic/agenda
    • HOST assigns PRESENTER role (or does it themselves)
    • HOST sets recording option if desired
    • To raise your hand.  Type **Hand Up in the chat window. Send to = Everyone
    • If you have technical trouble, use the chat window to PRIVATELY see if someone can help.  If possible, try not to delay the meeting unless necessary
    • Share
      • PRESENTER shares materials (files, applications, desktop, etc)
      • PARTICIPANT accesses VIEW panel to adjust size (zoom) of materials
      • End
        • HOST Closes meeting
        • If HOST leaves, meeting ends, all participants are disconnected, recording ends
        • If Host has to leave before meeting end, they can pass the host role to another.  Note: this is not the same as passing the presenter “ball”.



  • Add a "when things go wrong" section.  At times, meetings are waylaid by a single person having tech issues.  The host needs to make the determination if the meeting should halt or continue.