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There are 3 main types of users during a DA WebEx meeting. Host, Presenter, and Participant (also called attendee).

  • The Host is the manager of the meeting:
    • If the host leaves the meeting the meeting ends
    • Receives the Host and Participant emails from the DA WebEx Admin team
    • The Host email contains the meeting information and the Host Key which is used to become the host during the meeting
    • The host forwards the Participant email to attendees which includes the meeting's link, date, time, topic and attendee password.
    • Note:
      • The Host logs on as a Participant user and "reclaims" the host role after entering the meeting (see below). Do not use the Host Logon in WebEx
      • There is no "invite list" within WebEx
      • The Host does not "start" the meeting. The meeting will start automatically, allowing participants to logon up to 15min prior to listed meeting start time
      • The Host will always start out as the Presenter, but can pass this role to others

  • The Presenter :
    • The Presenter is known by the small blue/green ball next to their name in the participant list
    • The Host is the initial Presenter
    • The Presenter controls the presentation's "focus"
      • What the presenter shares/shows is seen by all participants
    • The Presenter can Share Files (PDF, DOC, Images, Videos, Text. Some files may not be compatible. Please test them prior to the meeting) and web links, desktop, etc
    • TBD – add section on sharing with more details on File sharing, Screen sharing, Web link sharing, etc

  • A Participant:
    • The Participant is also known as an Attendee
    • All users start out as Participants (Including the Host)
    • The Participant should install the WebEx software prior to the meeting.  Email DA WebEx admin with any questions
    • A Participant can become a Presenter by having the current Presenter "pass the ball". Or the Host may change their role as needed