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Training Resources for NationBuilder hosted DA Website and Membership Database

All DA Leaders and Website Content Managers must complete these Training and Certification materials before receiving access to:

  • Manage news content and events on the CC web page
  • Send e-mail messages to DA members
  • Manage membership data in the database


Steps to become certified:

  1. Complete and submit a DA Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Review training resource slides on the Training Materials page
  3. Complete each of the on-line Certification Quizzes for
    1. Website Content Management Certification
    2. Email Management Certification Quiz
    3. Membership Database Management Certification Quiz
  4. Inform the DA Help Desk and confirm your Quiz scores to obtain access permissions

Designate Country Committee membership and e-mail administrators 

 >> Designate CC Database Administrators 

Questions? Contact

Pages in this space:

Confidentiality Agreement

DA Leaders and Website Managers must complete and submit a DA Confidentiality Agreement:

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  1. Thank you for making the new website training materials available and so easy to find.

  2. Where is the Confidentiality Pledge now?

    1. You can find the DA Confidentiality Agreement here: Confidentiality Agreement Uploads