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January 2, 2021 - Do not fill this CA out if you ALREADY HAVE ONE ON FILE until we send you an email confirming a new 2021 version. 

Concerns were brought up regarding the 2020 updated Confidentiality Agreement that was sent out, so we have decided to take this opportunity to review this new document as an ExCom. For now the 2015b version of the Confidentiality Agreement stands. Please take this opportunity to review the Privacy policies for Democrats Abroad and Vote From Abroad and You can also see the 2015b version fo the Confidentiality Agreement on the DA wiki here: Confidentiality Agreement 2015b

Every individual who:

    • Is a Country/Chapter/Caucus Committee officer
    • Needs access to the DA membership database
    • Posts news or events on the website
    • Emails members
    • Needs access to member information - emails, address, names, phone numbers - including phone bank callers

Must submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement as described below:

Submitting your Confidentiality Agreement:

  1. Download and print the latest CA form (updated June 2015): Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Read it, date it, and sign it. Print your name, email address, your country and position ("Volunteer" is fine if you don't have a position).
  3. Scan or take a photo of your signed document (be sure that it is clearly legible).
  4. Save your file, and name it like this: CC-NAME-ConfAgree.pdf
    (For example: MX-Smith-ConfAgree.pdf)

    CC is your ISO country code (AU, MX, CA, etc.). NAME is your Last Name.  You can find the ISO code list here:
  5. Save the file as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG image.
  6. Send your scanned CA image to: 
    with the Subject line: Confidentiality Agreement Form

Questions? Contact

Blank Confidentiality Agreement for download:

Confidentiality Agreement 2015b

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