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General Inquiries:

Leadership Board

Executive Committee Officers

Aaron Kruse, Chair
Elizabeth Jenkins, Vice Chair
Kimberly Wong, Secretary
Patrick Cranley, Treasurer
Alexander Lee, Legal Officer
Elaine Chow, Director of Communications and Information Technology

Members at Large (alphabetically)

Justin Fischer
Faith Gary
Sarah Kimmet
Devika Koppikar
Eileen Walsh

Ex Officio Leadership

Ada Shen, pre-2017
Rich Welch, pre-2017
Joshua Lally, 2017-2019
Christopher Zombik, 2017-2019
Angela Bergeson, 2018-2019
James Flanagan, 2017-2019

For questions about this page, contact Elizabeth Jenkins, DA China Vice Chair.


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All DACN meetings are open to all DA members.

Next Monthly DA China Leadership Meeting will be:
Saturday, August 24 at 10:00 AM China Time
To join, email for webex details.

>> Read: Archive of Meeting Minutes 

DA China Photo Archive - Google Photos

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