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Leadership Board

Executive Committee Officers

Kimberly Wong, Chair
Patrick Cranley, Vice Chair
Elizabeth Jenkins, Secretary
Justin Fischer, Treasurer
Alexander Lee, General Counsel
Elaine Chow, Director of Communications & Information Technology

Members at Large (alphabetically)

Jacob Aldaco
Faith Gary
Devika Koppikar
Eileen Walsh
-one vacancy-

Chair Emeritus

Aaron Kruse, conferred in June 2020
(DACN Chair 2017-2020)

Previous Leadership

Ada Shen, pre-2017
Rich Welch, pre-2017
Joshua Lally, 2017-2019
Christopher Zombik, 2017-2019
Angela Bergeson, 2018-2019
James Flanagan, 2017-2019
Sarah Kimmett, 2019
Aaron Kruse, 2017-2020
Randi Miller, 2017- 2018
Brittni Young, 2019-2020

For questions about this page, contact Elizabeth Jenkins -CN, DA China Secretary.


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All DACN meetings are open to all DA members.

Next Monthly DA China Leadership Meeting will be December 13, 2020 at 8:00 pm (CST).
To join, email for WebEx details.

>> Read: Archive of Meeting Minutes 

Women’s Caucus - The Women's Caucus of Democrats Abroad is committed to fostering and promoting gender-informed perspectives in issues analysis, communication and policy-making and ensuring that issues that impact woWe will take action to address policies that negatively impact women and their families and so, by implication, the economy and our democracy.

Black Caucus - The Black Caucus is made up of DA members of all races and ethnicities from around the world who are willing and able to advocate on issues important to Black Americans.

LGBTQIA Caucus - The LGBTQIA Caucus is the constituency group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual members and any Democrat abroad who supports them. The caucus’ initiative is to engage and empower LGBTQIA Americans living abroad to vote in US elections, provide them a platform to advance issues at the heart of the community, and support members issues they face living abroad as LGBTIA Americans, such as access to government services and benefits for same-sex spouses and family members, the legacy resulting from past discrimination and Defense of Marriage Act.

Progressive Caucus - The Progressive Caucus embraces policies that will proactively advance the United States toward a society rooted in economic fairness and social, racial, and environmental justice, particularly for the most vulnerable people in our society; seek increased transparency, fairness and accountability in political processes; and support international cooperation, peace, and mutual respect.

>> Read more about getting involved with caucuses.

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  1. The only ex officio member recognized by our bylaws is the board chair, who sits on all committees including Standing Committees, automatically.