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Thanks for volunteering to phone bank our members in AZ, TX, PA, and IL.

(red star)STEP 1 FOR ALL PHONE BANK VOLUNTEERS: To protect our members' privacy, you must complete a Confidentiality Agreement before you start calling. Please download it, sign it, and upload it here. 

STEP 2: Please join our wechat group for phone bank volunteers. Add Elizabeth (wechat ID elizaj) and she will connect you.

STEP 3: Familiarize yourself with the message. Overview of our message:

  1. Election Alerts! The voters on our lists need to be aware of the upcoming deadlines for voter registration, ballot requests and ballot return.
  2. Backup Plan! We also want to tell them about the FWAB (Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot) for anyone who is afraid they will not make these deadlines.
  3. Reconnect! A lot of people haven't heard from DA China at all since joining. We want to welcome them and invite them to our WeChat groups.

(blue star) CALL SCRIPT FOR DA CHINA MEMBERS - Request Your Ballot for PRIMARY and SPECIAL Elections - 2018

Adapted from Global GOTV Team's Script - Request Your Ballot 2018

Use these links from Vote from Abroad to provide the needed info in the CALL SCRIPT:

FAQ on Voting From Abroad

STEP 4: Request access to phone list. Please contact Elizabeth Jenkins on WeChat (elizaj) or email at least 48 hours before you want to begin calling. 

Upcoming PRIMARY and SPECIAL Election Deadlines*

MON JAN 29ArizonaVoter Registration Must be Received
MON FEB 5TexasVoter Registration Must be Received (state and federal ballot)
MON FEB 12PennsylvaniaVoter Registration Must be Received
FRI FEB 16ArizonaAbsentee Ballot Request Must be Received
SUN FEB 18IllinoisAbsentee Ballot Request Must be Signed (Overseas Citizens)
FRI FEB 23TexasAbsentee Ballot Request Must be Received (also register for federal ballot only)
TUE FEB 27Arizona Absentee Ballot Must be Returned and Received
TUE FEB 27ArizonaSpecial Primary Election, Congressional District 8
TUE MAR 6TexasAbsentee Ballot Must be Returned and Received 
TUE MAR 6Texas Primary Election
SAT MAR 10IllinoisAbsentee Ballot Request Must be Signed (Uniformed Services)
MON MAR 12TexasAbsentee Ballot Must be Returned and Received
MON MAR 12PennsylvaniaAbsentee Ballot Must be Returned and Received
TUE MAR 13PennsylvaniaSpecial Election Congressional District 18 
TUE MAR 20Illinois Absentee Ballot Must be Signed and Postmarked (and Received by APR 3)
TUE MAR 20Illinois Primary Election

* All of these deadlines (voter registration, ballot request, and ballot return) are for participating in the highlighted PRIMARY and SPECIAL election dates above. For information on deadlines for GENERAL elections, go to:

Flyer to Recruit Volunteers - 

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