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Democrats Abroad Wiki Content Management Policies

Wiki access and an outline of the kinds of permissions and access restrictions available in the wiki environment.


Questions and Answers on Wiki content access policies:

Who gets access to Wiki content management user accounts?

DA has a limited number of licensed wiki user accounts – so not every leader or volunteer has their own personal account. User accounts are limited to those who are active contributors to the wiki, and those who have administrative responsibility over a section of content.

As wiki usage, content, and activity expands within DA, we will likely increase the number of users to allow for CC leaders to create country specific spaces. If you have an idea about developing content in the wiki, please contact the Wiki Management Team: – we do want and need more volunteers helping to build content in the wiki!

What is a Wiki "Space" and who can access content in a space?

This wiki is made up of "Spaces" where page content is stored. Each space is like a mini-website with its own user and group access permissions and content sharing controls.

A space can be restricted: with only a few members of a given group being allowed to see and edit its content. If you are not a member of a group that has been given access, then you will not be able to even see that the space exists.

  • Visitors can be given "Read-Only" access to a space so that they can only see, but not add-to, or change any content.
  • A group of users can be given "Add-To" access to a space, enabling them to add new content, but not delete any existing content.
  • A space can be "Open-To-Comments" allowing visitors to leave a comment on a page, but they are not able to modify any other content

A generic shared-password account that will be distributed to all DPCA Committee Leaders, so that they can have easy access to content that is not for the general public.

What are the permission levels for accessing wiki content?

The wiki provides a great deal of flexibility when controlling access to a Wiki Space. Here is a short list of some of the ways that we will make content available:

  1. Open to the Public – a space can be open to any visitor who has the web address, and does not require a login. Examples of these spaces would be:
    1. GOTV – public information voting resources
    2. WebEx Help Pages – guidance on how to set up a computer to access WebEx meetings
    3. Logos and graphics resources
  2. General DA Leadership shared access – for leadership training and planning resources that do not need to be on the public Internet, but that we want to be easily accessible to DA Leaders and SuperVolunteers.

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    Examples include:
    1. Org chart and leadership contact details
    2. Financial and Membership data
    3. Field Plans
    4. Meeting presentations
    5. CiviCRM training manuals
    6. Best Practices recommendations and resources
    7. other internal training materials
  3. Closed Group spaces – spaces where access is restricted to a specific working group, committee, or team. Examples include:
    1. Executive Committee
    2. Budgeting and Finance
    3. Confidentiality Agreements


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