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Original "What is Confluence?" space

 This is the original "What is Confluence" space that comes with a default installation of the Confluence Wiki, with a brief description of some of the key editing and content management features for the wiki.

In time, we can try to develop this further into a How-To resource for our DA wiki content managers.

If you have questions, or tips on how to best use the wiki when developing your own DA wiki pages, then please create a page, or leave a comment here.

Managing content in the Confluence Wiki: it is easy to create, edit and share content with your team.

Choose a topic below to start learning how.

  1. What is the Confluence Wiki?

  2. A quick look at the editor
  3. Let's edit this page

  4. Prettify the page with an image

  5. Get serious with a table
  6. Lay out your page 

  7. Learn the wonders of autoconvert 

  8. Tell people what you think in a comment 

  9. Share your page with a team member