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Country Committee (CC) CallHub Campaigns

CC-level PhoneBanking Campaign Requests and Templates

Request a CC Campaign


If your CC would like to set up a CallHub campaign to call your local members:

  1. Fill out the CC Campaign Set Up Request Form to submit your your campaign request and any special requirements.
    On-line Request Form link: Request a CC CallHub Campaign

  2. Then, you must also send an email to the DA CallHub Team to create a HelpDesk ticket for your requested CC CallHub campaign. Send to this email address: 

After you submit the Web Form and the email, the DA CallHub setup team will contact you with any questions and to let you know when your CC CallHub campaign has been set up.

Other materials you may find useful:

New CallHub Features

Recently Added CallHub Features:

These features now make it easier for CC database managers to track and follow-up on calls to DA members.

  • We are now able to send an SMS/Text message directly to the member during or just after a call as a follow-up reminder message, or to reach someone who did not pickup the phone.  
  • Agents can now set a CALLBACK disposition to schedule a specific CallBack time when you can call the member at a time that is more convenient for them.  The call will appear in your call queue if you are making calls at that time.

  • We now try to call a member's mobile phone number, if available (rather than their landline)
    (By also regularly running the DA IT Team "PhoneTool" number cleanup process, we have been able to greatly increases our call throughput rates.)

  • We are now able to "personalize" the calling Script to include the Member's name, e-mail, and Voting details in the text of the script.  This should make it easier for calling agents to verify and update member data within CallHub.

  • Calling Agents can now directly update a voter's contact info within the call screen
    => The most important data we want to confirm is E-mail address, Voting State, and Voting ZIP!
    (Updates are captured in a Google sheet for review before being updated in NationBuilder.)

  • Completed CallHub Survey questions now provide immediate call activity details in the member's record within the NationBuilder database, after each completed call.

  • DA Members are immediately tagged in NationBuilder with relevant Tags based on the results of each call.

  • Membership managers in your Country should get an e-mail message from NationBuilder with a "... Responded to a Survey" Follow-up message for members who need updates or personalized voting support.
    Member is also set with a Phone Bank Follow-up flag due two-weeks from the date of call.

  • Local CC Leaders can now monitor and follow-up on member questions from within NationBuilder by reading the Notes that are added to each call.

CC Campaign Set-up Resource pages:

CallHub Agent Caller Training Resources

Training and Help Tips for Calling Agents

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