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Questions, Discussion, and Comments on Voter Registration for Overseas Americans

Please add your comments in the comment box below.  If you do not have a personal wiki account, please add your name in the text of the message.

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  1. Hi Leaders, We look forward to discussing Voter Registration with you here.



  2. I'd like to clarify what the "2 Semantic Problems" thread was about, because I believe there's been some confusion.

    In my experience there has been a widespread misconception within DA that the federal MOVE Act imposed a requirement on Americans who want to vote from abroad that they (we) must register to vote every election year. This is wrong in two respects.

    First, the MOVE act is silent on the subject of registering to vote. What it addresses (in this context) is requesting absentee ballots.

    Second, while the effect of the MOVE Act was that states were again free to require absentee ballot requests for every election year, there is no such federal requirement (it's a state requirement when there is any requirement at all), and states are also free to allow ballot requests over longer periods if they wish.

    It is my understanding that, because of the problems I pointed out, a resolution we passed in Punta Cana -- which addressed the supposed (but non-existent) federal requirement that Americans voting from abroad register to vote every election year -- is being reworked and will be resubmitted for approval.

    Relatedly, I believe we can present both simple and accurate information to both our members and other potential voters residing abroad. I suggest the following:

    We urge you to vote in U.S. elections, and thus we urge you to submit a timely request for an absentee ballot every election year and, if necessary, to register to vote or update your registered voter information.

    We recommend that you submit a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) through -- also available at the Federal Voter Assistance Program ( -- which allows you to request an absentee ballot while simultaneously registering to vote or updating your voter information as needed. In some states your vote may even be subject to challenge if you have not submitted an FPCA, and submitting one may activate other protections as well.

    Specific requirements -- including voter registration and ballot request deadlines -- are also available via the Federal Voting Assistance Program or directly from your state or local election office.



    Rick Wicks, Secretary, Göteborg

  3. We want people to use VFA*** NOT ****FVAP, for all requests for ballots and to find out the deadlines. This is another miscommunication that is happening.