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2016 VI-GOTV Calendar.pdf


May 06 YESDistribute Calendar to CC leaders for feedback
May 06 YESEmail and Social Media (SM) Messages: Voter alerts re deadlines to vote in remaining state primaries
May 13(1) Provide feedback on VI-GOTV Plan and Calendar to Heidi Burch (1) Incorporate feedback into VI-GOTV Plan & Calendar;
(2) Provide contact information for GOTV Coordinator and Phonebanking Coordinator to Marc Rodriguez (2) Set up contact lists for CC GOTV Coordinator and Phonebanking Coordinator
May (ongoing)(1) Recruit and train volunteers how to use; YES
(2) Begin planning GOTV Voter Registration events
[Exs: DA Intl Convention; 4th of July; Dem Natl Convention; Labor Day; Back to School; Natl Voter Registration Day]
May (ongoing) Start regular meetings with GOTV Coordinators for CCs to provide support and assess progress
Establish DA and VFA voter help lines
Monitor Facebook and Twitter accounts to respond to Voter Registration questions
MayContact Study Abroad programs and administrators re providing Voter Registration events in the fall when students arriveYESUpdate and add to VI-GOTV resources in the WIKI
MayAttend training sessions for (1) VFA and other voter registration methods, (2) Phonebanking, and (3) Study Abroad Outreach (Dates TBD) on WebEx Set up training sessions for VFA, Phonebanking, and Study Abroad Outreach on WebEx
May YES(1) Contact Dem State Parties in Key Races to offer help;
(2) Draft joint letters, emails and SM messages to Key State voters to send in Aug/Sept. Coordinate with Comms team.
May 12-15Watch parties for DA Global Convention in Berlin with voter registration
June – SeptTargeted Emails & SM announcements: Individual state deadlines for registering to vote in the General ElectionYESTargeted Emails & SM announcements: Individual state deadlines for registering to vote in the General Election
June 21Email & SM: Announce CC phonebanking campaign and request volunteersYESGlobal Email & SM: Request volunteers for phonebanking for countries without Country Committees
July – Sept YESEmails and phone calls to Senate and House Democratic candidates requesting they participate in WebEx Town Halls
July 04July 4 Events w/Voter Registration
July 25-28Watch parties for Democratic National Convention with Voter Registration
August 04Deadline for volunteers to return Confidentiality Agreement and confirm participation in CC Phonebanking Campaign Global Email & SM: 90 days to General Election
August 15Send out Survey Monkey to all members to find out if they have already registered to vote and to update membership data.YES
August 22Update database/phonebanking lists based on results of Survey
August 23Send instruction packets re CC Phonebanking Campaign and Call Report Sheets to all volunteers via emailYES
August 25Targeted Email to all voters on CC phonebanking lists: " DA volunteer will be contacting you re voting in General Election"YES
August 29 – Sept 12CC PHONEBANKING CAMPAIGN (2 week period) Global Phonebanking Campaign for members who live in countries without Country Committees
August / SeptFinalize arrangements with Study Abroad programs and book Voter Registration opportunities Send joint letters, emails, SM messages with Democratic state parties to DA voters in Key Races
Early SeptSet up additional in-person Voter Registration events; Confirm volunteers for remaining events in Sept and Oct
SeptBack to School Voter Registration Events
[Universities and International schools, including parents, staff and high school seniors]
Sept WebEx Town Halls with Key State candidates
Sept 5Labor Day Voter Registration Events
Sept 19Volunteers to return Call Report Sheets to CC Phonebanking Coordinator
Sept 21 YESTargeted Email and SM: Follow-up reminder to all members contacted by phonebanking to send in FPCA
Sept 26Phonebanking Coordinator to send data from phonebanking campaign to Global VI-GOTV CommitteeYES
Sept 27National Voter Registration Day Events
October 08 (1) Global Email & SM: 30 days to General Election
(2) Targeted Email & SM: Members voting in Key Races
Oct(1) Host GOTV events, target voters in Key Races;YES
(2) Train volunteers how to use FWAB;
(3) Provide FWAB instructions to voters
October 08Member Email: If members haven't received requested ballots yet, fill out and mail in FWAB (with link)YESGlobal Email & SM: If voters have not received requested ballots yet, fill out and mail in FWAB (with link)
November 08Host Election Parties
Mid-Nov / DecThank Volunteers: YESThank Volunteers:
(1) Reward phonebankers who made the most calls; (1) Reward phonebankers who made the most calls,
(2) Write thank you notes to voters and volunteers (2) Write thank you notes to voters and volunteers
(3) Host Thank you Parties;
Dec Submit report to ExCom on lessons learned

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  1. I would like to launch the call for phone banking volunteers for DA Spain as soon as possible.  We have nearly 4,000 members in our database to deal with.  The sooner we can start the better.  I understood that someone from the GOTV team would be contacting me to discuss our CC plan.  Would someone please contact me asp.

    Best Regards,

    Gil Carbajal

    Chair, DA Spain