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Every individual who:

    • Is a Country/Chapter/Caucus Committee officer
    • Needs access to the DA membership database
    • Posts news or events on the website
    • Emails members
    • Needs access to member information - emails, address, names, phone numbers - including phone bank callers.

Must upload a signed Confidentiality Agreement in the red box below.


Submitting your Confidentiality Agreement:

  1. Download and print the latest CA form (updated June 2015): Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Read and sign it.
  3. Scan or take a photo of your signed document (be sure that it is clearly legible).
  4. Save your file, and name it using this format: CC-NAME-ConfAgree.pdf
    (For example, MX-Smith-ConfAgree.pdf)

    CC is your ISO country code (AU, MX, CA, etc.). NAME is your Last Name.
    You can find the ISO code list here:
  5. Save the file as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG image.
  6. Upload the file by dragging and dropping it into the red box below. You do not need to log in to do this.

Questions? Contact


Blank Confidentiality Agreement for download:

Confidentiality Agreement


Upload Confidentiality Agreement Here:

Use drag and drop to upload your CA from your desktop onto the box below. (‘Browse for files’ is less reliable here.)

You do not need to log in to upload your file.


Your file will be listed here if the upload is successful. Forms uploaded on this page are regularly moved to our fully protected archive.