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Secondary Scheduling Form for DA WebEx Meetings – API Automated Scheduler Beta Test

  • This form can be used for scheduling DA WebEx meetings
  • DA now has additional host accounts for scheduling potential overlapping meetings
  • This scheduling form is available for Beta testing by DA Certified WebEx Hosts
  • Please notify the DA WebEx Admin Team if you encounter any issues with either scheduling or launching your WebEx meetings:
  • If you need to Cancel, Change, or request a call Recording, use the Meeting Change or Recording Request Form


Fill in and Submit the on-line form below to schedule your WebEx meeting:

Meeting requests are not confirmed until you receive the 2 notification emails from the DA WebEx team:

  • a WebEx HOST Key e-mail — that the organizer/host will use to reclaim control over the meeting.
  • a WebEx Participant Invitation e-mail — with the meeting details for forwarding to your participants. 
  • Please contact the DA WebEx Admin team with any questions at:

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