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DA WebEx Host Certification Training

To be a WebEx Host you must:

  1. Participate in a shortlive training session with one of the DA WebEx Volunteer Team
  2. Be able to carry out each of the following tasks:
    1. Install WebEx onto your computer and do a minimal test 
    2. Schedule a meeting using the WebEx Scheduling Form
    3. Explain to participants how to Join a WebEx meeting
    4. Reclaim Host role in a meeting
    5. Know how to Call Using Computer (audio speakers/mic)
    6. Understand why we do not encourage phone dial-in calls
    7. Turn your video on and off
    8. Understand the "**Hand Up" chat protocol
    9. Mute and Unmute meeting participants
    10. Be able to pass the Presenter role to others and reclaim it
    11. Share a document (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc)
    12. Share the view of a program from your desktop with participants
    13. Recover default screen layout
    14. Review the DA WebEx Process Flow info sheet
    15. Know how to record a meeting
    16. Be able to end a meeting (and understand why this is important)


Excerpt Include
Host Certification Training slides
Host Certification Training slides


DA Host Certification Resources

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DA WebEx Host Certifications – New Host Quiz 2019

Ann HesseEMEA-DEAug 2019
Susan PenrodEMEA-DEAug 2019
Kent GetsingerAP-AUAug 2019
Amerika GrewalAP-FijiAug 2019
Ada ShenEMEA-FRAug 2019
Maite PennaEMEA-FRAug 2019
Meghan DriscollAP-THAug 2019
Marj BernsteinEMEA-FRAug 2019
Christine ValverdeAP-NZAug 2019
Angela FobbsEMEA-DEAug 2019
Karen LeeEMEA-GRAug 2019
Diane WeberAmer-MXAug 2019
Tim LawlerEMEA-ESAug 2019
Kristen GordonAP-AUAug 2019
Michael HaughtAP-NZAug 2019
Anna CostelloAP-JPAug 2019
Allison ColobertEMEA-FRAug 2019
Gail FagenEMEA-ITAug 2019
Meredith WheelerEMEA-FRSept 2019
Nick LoisosEMEA-GRSept 2019
Jeffrey ChengEMEA-SESept 2019
Kelsey McLendonEMEA-DESept 2019
Byron CannEMEA-CHSept 2019
William PrescottAmer-MXSept 2019
Candice KerestanEMEA-DESept 2019
Mickey FarranceEMEA-FRSept 2019
Kristy LutzEMEA-DESept 2019
Beth LandryEMEA-SESept 2019
Dana FrelingEMEA-FISept 2019
Brett CarnitoEMEA-ATSept 2019
Michelle Cummings-KoetherEMEA-DESept 2019
Robin GuinotEMEA-FRSept 2019
Peter KaiserEMEA-CHSept 2019
Alex RehbinderEMEA-FROct 2019
Heidi BurchAmer-CAOct 2019
Karen F.EMEA-DEOct 2019
Bob VallierEMEA-ITOct 2019