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Comment: Added Delegate Allocation
titleDSP 2016

Looking for information about the Global Presidential Primary?

Check our new page that brings together links to the growing set of resources to help you participate in the GPP.

Concise Summary of the Delegation Selection Plan for 2016

Please find the one-page summary of the Delegate Selection Plan for Democrats Abroad as a PDF here:

View file

Synopsis of Delegate Allocation

DA's DSP allocates three at-large delegates to the Global Convention and nine to the Regional Caucuses. Together with the PLEO delegate, we have four pledged delegates to select at our Global Convention. As the winner of the Global Presidential Primary, Senator Sanders receives our PLEO delegate.

 According to the Rules of the Democratic National Convention (specifically Rule 10 and Rule 13) and as those rules are reflected in our DSP, DA's allocation of all twelve of our at-large delegates must be proportional to the results of the Global Presidential Primary. Our DSP specifies a strict method for the allocation of delegates to the Regional Caucuses and leaves our Global Convention to "return" to full proportionality.

So the relevant calculation is how the total of 12 delegates must be allocated to presidential candidates based on our primary: 8 for Senator Sanders and 4 for Secretary Clinton. The 4 Clinton delegates are allocated during the Regional Caucuses preceding the Global Convention according to our rules, leaving the Global Convention to select only Sanders delegates.

Further details are available on the DA website.

DPCA Delegate Selection Plan Guide

Please refer to this guide for a brief overview of the Democrats Abroad DSP. For more details, we recommend reviewing the complete Delegate Selection Plan, linked below.   Please note that there have been changes to important deadlines from February through May. Please refer to the full DSP for the latest information.

DPCA Delegate Selection Plan for 2016


Democrats Abroad has submitted our Delegate Selection Plan to the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee.  The Delegate Selection Plan governs the process by which members of Democrats Abroad have a voice in the selection of the Democratic Presidential nominee. It also provides Democrats living outside of the United States the opportunity to represent Democrats Abroad as delegates at the Democratic National Convention from July 25-28, 2016 in Philadelphia.

The proposed plan includes holding a Global Presidential Primary from March 1-8, 2016 in which votes may be cast in person, by regular mail, by fax, or by email. The plan also calls for Regional Caucuses in April or May and a Global Convention in mid-May. 

The full document of the DPCA Delegate Selection Plan for 2016 can be downloaded as a PDF file with this link: Democrats Abroad 2016 Delegate Selection Plan.

The timeline is available separately as a PDF with this link: DA 2016 DSP Timeline

GPP: Deadlines and Decisions for Country Committee Chairs


The Global Presidential Primary (GPP) Team distributed this document on November 7 as a resource for Country Committee leaders planning for their part in the DSP. Most of the decisions must be made and communicated to the International Chair by December 31, 2015. Questions are always welcome, particularly via the Q&A page in the wiki.


titleAffirmative Action Committee update

Because one of the biggest hindrances to more diversity and inclusion is the legalese used in drafting the Delegate Selection Plan (DSP) -- people just don’t know how it works -- it is a major focus of the Affirmative Action Commmittee to make sure everyone understands the process. We want to ensure that leaders understand, so they can explain it to their members - and, potentially, directly to some of our candidates for delegate.

We would like to encourage you and your local CC and chapter leaders to consider ways you can help us meet our goals for diversity and inclusion.

Please fill in this google form to let us know if and when you can set up a training for your team, and whether you’d mind being in a training with other leaders, from other CCs:

Useful Documents from Previous Primaries

Global Primary 2012 Voting Guide - Word document that includes Voting Center checklists

Please keep in mind that the advice and regulations mentioned in these documents may not be compatible with the rules for the 2016 Delegate Selection Process.




DSP Public Comment in March 2015

The DPCA Public Comment for the 2016 Delegate Selection Plan ran from 24 March thru 23 April, 2015.

The comments submitted were reviewed, and the DSP was approved by the DPCA body at the DPCA 2015 Global Meeting in Punta Cana, and was submitted to the DNC by May 4, 2015.

Our thanks and appreciation to those of you who contributed to this process.


Draft of Presentation for Asia/Pacific Regional Meeting, October 2015: Slides


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