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Comment: Added to eligibility, US citizens born abroad


Americans living abroad may join Democrats Abroad after January 31 and still cast a valid remote ballot by mail, fax, or email, up to the same deadlines that apply to everyone else. This is true for in-person voting at Voting Centers as well.

There are US citizens born overseas to American parents who are residents of one of the states that does not grant voting rights to residents' children born overseas. These US citizens cannot obtain a ballot to vote in the primary of their "home state." Democrats Abroad has no such restriction. In these cases, the Global Presidential Primary is these US citizens' only opportunity to help determine the Democratic nominee for President. Our Voting Rights group is always interested to learn more about such cases, so please suggest that US citizens in this situation (1) vote in the GPP, of course, and (2) contact and ask for the Voting Rights group. 

Checking eligibility to vote at a Voting Center