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  • identify the purpose and objective of your event, as well as the message you are trying to convey

  • notify your city police and other officials of the vigil or march (each country will have its own set of rules on marches, so double check with your local authorities)

  • notify your local US Embassy or Consulate (the regional security officer (RSO) at a minimum) - be alert to security concerns, terrorist threats to large groups of Americans, etc.

  • notify local press before and after the event

  • use your DA social media platforms before, during and after the event; share fotos, etc. on DA Facebook and Twitter

  • consider meeting ahead of time to make posters together. This will help shape the dialogue at the vigil

  • create a Democrats Abroad {your country} banner to carry

  • reach out to Our Revolution and other local American groups to see if they would like to join in

  • if other groups are also joining, be clear about the message of DA   

  • find a place to meet before and after the march