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DPCA Global Committee, Task Force, and Caucus presentations

for the DPCA Global Meeting in Washington DC 12 - 15 May 2017

Many of the presentations listed here are scheduled to take place intermittently with the DPCA Officer elections process. Since the time required for each election round can be unpredictable, we ask that presenters be flexible in adjusting to the time-slots available.

The full list of DA committees and members can be found in the Volunteers Wiki space: volunteer space:

Saturday, 13 May 2017

International Chair Report

     - Katie Solon, International Chair 

Treasurer's Report

     - Tom Schmid, Treasurer

Charter and Bylaws Committee

     - Tom Schmid, Chair 

Best Practices Committee

    - Deedee Gierow
    - Merrill Oates
    - Kathy Rothschild
    - Maya Samara 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Nominations and Elections Committee

    - Ruth McCreery, Chair
    - Meredith Wheeler
    - Kat Allikian
    - Shari Temple 

GOTV – Get Out the Vote Committee

     - Heidi Burch, Co-Chair 
     - Eileen Weinberg, Co-Chair   

FBAR/FATCA & Taxation Task Force

     - Carmelan Polce, Chair 
- Joe Smallhoover

Fundraising Committee

    - Art Schankler, Chair 

Voting Issues and Voting Rights Committee

     - Will Bakker, Chair 

Global Action Team

     - Hilary Bown, Leader 

Communications Team

     - Alex Montgomery, Co-Chair
     - Julia Bryan, Co-Chair 

IT Team

     - Shari Temple, Chair 

Volunteer Recruitment

     - Adrianne George, Coordinator 

LGBT Caucus

     - Martha McDevitt-Pugh, Chair Chair
- Bob Vallier 


Women’s Caucus

     - Salli Swartz, Co-Chair
     - Anne Hesse, Co-Chair 

Youth Caucus

    - Jeffrey Cheng 

Progressive Caucus

    - Ryan Turner
    - Alexander Gonzalez 

Hispanic Caucus

    - Michael Ramos 

DA Sweden Welcome Pack Handbook

    - Alex Lang
    - DeeDee Gierow 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Global Meeting Travel Fund Committee

     - Kat Allikian, Chair 


    - Susan Vaillant, Chair 

Congressional Door Knock

     - Jeffrey Cheng, lead coordinator 

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