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Comment: embedded Multi-Host form


Multi-Host Scheduling


Form for WebEx




API Automated Scheduler

(Multi-Host Scheduling Form now LIVE as primary scheduling tool.)

  • You can ONLY use this DA WebEx Schedule Request Form if you

    have previously attended a

    are a recently Re-Certified DA WebEx Host

    Certification Program training session


  • to

    WebEx meetings should be scheduled at least one week in advance to

    provide sufficient time

    avoid scheduling conflicts.

  • At

    Leave at least a 30-minute

    gap should remain both

    gap before and after any scheduled meetings.

  • Except for exceptional circumstances,

    WebEx meetings should not be scheduled any more than 3-months in advance.

  • Contact the DA WebEx Team directly

    if you wish

    to schedule a meeting lasting more than 4-hours



  • If you need to Cancel, Change, or request a


    Call Recording, use the Meeting Change or Recording Request Form

BETA Test: WebEx Secondary Scheduling Form

Secondary Scheduling Form for DA WebEx Meetings – API Scheduler Beta Test


Fill in and Submit the on-line form below to schedule your WebEx meeting:

Meeting requests are not confirmed until you receive the 2 notification emails from the DA WebEx teamTeam:

  • a WebEx HOST Key e-mail — that the organizer/host will use to reclaim control over the meeting.

  • a WebEx Participant Invitation e-mail — with the meeting details for forwarding to your participants. 

  • Please contact the DA WebEx Admin team with any questions at:


Note: There is a known incompatibility between  some versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Google Forms.  If you encounter an issue in filling out the date/time fields, please try using another browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, or Opera.  This is a known problem and Microsoft is aware of it.

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