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Dear Leaders,

Part of why we choose the first week of March for our 2014 DPCA Global Meeting was to coordinate with the timing of the winter ASDC* and DNC meetings -- so that DA leaders coming earlier to Washington could attend/observe those other meetings, listen to great speakers and network with our Democratic counterparts in the U.S.  And so that state party and DNC/ASDC leaders would be in town and might also attend our events.

The tentative agenda for the DNC meeting was just released and is attached for your information.  Most of the DNC meetings -- on Thursday afternoon February 27, Friday February 28 and Saturday March 1 -- are open to the public.

The ASDC (*Association of State Democratic Chairs - of which DA Vice Chair Ken Sherman and I am members) is holding its training sessions on Wednesday afternoon February 26 and business meeting on Thursday morning February 27.  If you would like to attend any ASDC sessions, please let me know and I will ask the ASDC to add your name to their list.

We are inviting state party, DNC and ASDC leaders to our Gala events and to some parts of our DPCA meeting.

Looking forward to busy and productive days in Washington.  Hope you will be joining us!



Hi again DA Leaders,


The ASDC and DNC meetings described below will be held at:

The Capitol Hilton

1001 16th St NW

Washington, DC 20036


Our 2014 DPCA Global Meeting will be held at:

DoubleTree by Hilton, WashingtonDC - Crystal City

300 Army Navy Dr.

Arlington, VA 22202

tel (703) 416-4100




Dear DA Leaders,
Below (and attached) (see DPCA-Leadership) is a more detailed agenda for the February 26th training sessions being offered at the ASDC winter meeting in Washington.  Please note some of the trainings will be at the DNC (430 South Capitol St SE) and others at the Capitol Hilton (1001 16th St NW).
Registration is required for these sessions.  The ASDC has requested that I submit the names of DA leaders who would like to participate.  If you would like to attend, please let me know which sessions.
Again, the ASDC training sessions that a few of us attended in Minneapolis (April), Scottdale (August) and New Orleans (November) were great!
Jonae Wartel, the ASDC Training Director who organized those sessions, will be coming to our DPCA Global Meeting to conduct 3 (different) sessions Monday March 2.  Lucky us! Details on those sessions coming soon.
Katie Solon

Updated Agenda for the 2014 DPCA Global Meeting (15-day notice)

Katie Solon, February 15


Dear DA Leaders,

This message serves as notice for the upcoming DPCA Global Meeting, 15 days from now. Please find attached the updated agenda for the Gala (March 1), the Global Meeting (March 2-3), and the DC Door Knock (March 4-5).

Remote participation by WebEx will be available for the business portions of the Global Meeting. The deadline for registration has passed, so you must register immediately if you will attend the meeting by WebEx or in person.

You will also find attached the proposed resolutions to be considered during the Global Meeting, as reviewed by the DPCA Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee has included commentary on most of these. Those resolutions without commentary are, based on the committee's review, acceptable as is or do not need any extra "support". Reviewers' comments were shared with the initial submitters, although in some cases they did not reply. Where the authors accepted any improvements, the committee integrated these directly in the text. The Resolutions Committee invites you to begin discussing these resolutions on the DPCA-Leadership listserv now.

The form to designate a proxy, along with instructions on proxies, will be posted shortly.

Please note that bids from Country Committees to host the 2015 Global Meeting should be sent to me and the International Secretary ( by February 16 (tomorrow).

I'm looking forward to celebrating DA's 50th Anniversary with you, and also with special guests at the Gala and Gala Reception. (Register now at ) After the Global Meeting, the Door Knock is a special opportunity to talk directly with lawmakers about issues affecting Americans living abroad.

Please direct questions about the meeting to Beth Tudan (, the Project Manager for the March events in Washington DC. That said, you are always welcome to contact me about DA-related matters.

Will Bakker on behalf of
Katie Solon
International Chair, Democratic Party Committee


(attachments available at this link)