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  • All unsolicited Country, Chapter, and Caucus Group Emails can only be sent from the Nationbuilder platform. This is a firm rule.

    THIS MEANS:  ANY unsolicited email that you send to your chapter, country or caucus


    members MUST be sent from Nationbuilder.  This includes:  Monthly newsletters, event announcements, sub-group meeting announcements - ANYTHING that is not a response to an individual member question or email.

    • WHY:  This ensures that emails are only sent to current members, and not people who have changed their minds about membership - in DA, or your caucus.


  • Global level - Send your caucus mailings from your Global Caucus Broadcaster. No more than 2 emails per month.

  • Country level - Send your proposed emails to your country chair or communications officer.  They will send the email out from the country broadcaster to your members.  This is a change in policy, necessitated by GDPR compliance.  
    No more than 2 emails per month at the country level either.

  • IF you must send more than one or two emails in one month, at either the global or the country level, check with the Global Caucus Coordinator or the Int'l ExCom regarding the timing of your email.