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We welcome you to Democrats Abroad China! As a new registrant or re-registrant, you have been added to the WeChat group called DA China-Announcements. We have many more WeChat groups described below, but want to stress that these groups are not the only way to interact with our organization. We also have Facebook, Instagram, face-to-face meetings, web meetings and lectures that are announced by email.

DA China on WeChat

General Groups

1. Announcements- No chat, just DA events and actions. Most posts are done by members of the board of directors, related to our own meetings or to major announcements about new candidates joining or leaving the primaries, platform and resolutions committee work at the DA and DNC level, etc.

2. Chat- Lots of chat about what Democrats are doing and it can get heated. Longer conversations are sent to Deep Blue. Generally the rules are:

DA China WeChat Rules

The Democrats Abroad China WeChat groups are spaces for Americans in China to connect, to support each other in voting from abroad, and to discuss current US events, politics, and policy issues. Members should be aligned with the Democratic Party , and , ideally, have registered with Democrats Abroad.


If you feel that you have an
issue that requires moderation, please contact the DA China Chair (Aaron Kruse) or DA China Comms Director (Elaine Chow). For the complete Democrats Abroad China WeChat Rules please go to:


3. Deep Blue Lots of heated debates. 

Geographic Groups

4. Shanghai

5. Beijing 

6. Kunming

7. Shenzhen

8. Guangzhou

Topical Groups

9. Book Club 

10. Women’s Caucus