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Intro to the Global Presidential Primary

Intro to the GPP Slides

2020 Delegate Selection Plan

Global Presidential Primary blog (with many articles)

The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary runs from March 3 to March 10, 2020 at hundreds of voting centers around the world. Democrats Abroad will send delegates to the Democratic National Convention this July who reflect the results of the primary. 

  • Primary Voters must meet the following criteria to vote
    • Reside abroad and be a U.S. Citizen
    • Be a member of Democrats Abroad
    • Be 18 as of November 3, 2020
    • Not have voted, or plan to vote, in any other 2020 state presidential primary
  • Democrats Abroad allows same day registration for voters participating in the Global Presidential Primary 
  • Voters may register in-person or by signing up at
  • Voters abroad may also vote by downloading a ballot and emailing or postal mailing it to Democrats Abroad from February 18, 2020 through March 10, 2020. Ballots must be received by DA prior to 12:00 am Pacific Standard Time on March 11, 2020.


Voting Center Documentation

Voting Center Manager Guide

Voting Center Manager Slides

Quiz for Voting Center volunteers

Tools for Running a Voting Center Rehearsal

Voting Center FAQs (commentable - add your questions!)

Voting Center Materials Checklist

2020 Voting Center Rules

Confidentiality Form for volunteers

2020 Challenge Form

Join Form/Receipt

Update Membership Info Form

Checklist for Diversity & Inclusion Measures

Official Ballot - live Feb 18

Provisional Ballot - live Feb 18

Tally Sheet - live Feb 18

Voting Center Manager Workshop # 1 Recording

Voting Center Manager Workshop # 2 Recording


Remote Voting

Ballot Assistance Events (BAE) / Remote Postal Ballot Slides

Ballot Assistance Event Guide Doc

Sample BAE Announcement

Tally Sheet - live Feb 18
Daily Ballot Log 



Delegate Candidate Guide Slides

Delegate Candidate Briefing

Delegate Candidate Workshop #1 Recording



#GlobalPrimary #VotefromAbroad

GPP Comms Readiness Training
Be 100% and 10,000% ready for your GPP comms!

Template: Invite Media to Your GPP

Template: Invite Members to Your GPP

Training: Media Tips & Interview Practice

Training: Facebook Advertising

Press Kit
Where you'll find the most important GPP talking points and FAQ!

Talking Points: Debates, Primaries, Current Events

Talking Points: Democrats Abroad, VFA, Recent Elections

Guidelines on Impartiality

Guidelines on Hosting Debate Events

Graphics and image files from the Global Design Team

Great resources from you and other CCs

Tips on posting your event
Check out slides 10 and 11!

Posting a ballot assistance event?
Here's a graphic you can use!

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